I am yours

By @ComicVader
I am yours

A BTS inspired fanfiction about Jimin and J-Hope. #Ji-Hope #Hopemin #BTS

Inspired by: Bts

Chapter 2


I kiss his lips. They are soft and cold, and he isn’t hugging nor kissing me back. I continue kissing his lips but I open my eyes. He has his eyes open but I see the look in his eyes change.

I can see the look of hunger in his eyes. His eyes widen and he pulls away looking at me with a blank face, but his eyes are twinkling. He places his hands on my hips and kisses my lips. They are so soft and now warm with every kiss he plants on my lips I can taste his hunger.

He opens his mouth. His tongue breaks my lips apart and he first gets taste, but then he devours. I let out a whimper of a moan. But then I open my eyes I can see his bed behind him. I push him backwards. You moan. I slide my hands under your shirt and your skin is warm and soft.

I side your shirt of but after I don’t kiss you again. I lean back in the bed my self. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I am tired. You see it and you slide to the top of your bed you pat on one of your pillows. “Come lay down Jimin.” I nod and slide up myself.

I nuzzle your chest and you kiss the top of my head. Your warmth puts me to sleep and before I doze off I can catch you say. “Good night mochi.”

I love you too hobi.

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