I am yours

By @ComicVader
I am yours

A BTS inspired fanfiction about Jimin and J-Hope. #Ji-Hope #Hopemin #BTS

Inspired by: Bts

Chapter 1


Congrats Park Jimin. You caught me.

As we sat at the table together for our meeting your eyes stared deep down into mine. You were looking. Looking for my hunger. My hunger for you.

I caught you bite your lip. Even when your name gets called you continue to look at me. I look away, and with the corner of my eye I see your face change. Sadness? I’m sorry. I look back and your face turns into a handsome smile.

Jimin, I’ll give you want you want.

Taehyung is catching on. He knows. He jumps on me and I laugh. “Hyung, you need to pay attention.” I smirk, Jimin is giving Taehyung the death stare. Tae laughs and kisses my head. He decides to play with the situation.

I can tell Jimin is fired up now.

Jimin comes over to my seat, kicks tae off of me then puts his arm around my neck and nuzzles my chest. Jimin you are adorable my little mochi. His blonde hair rests on my shoulder and it has a faint smell of strawberry.

As the meeting is close to the end he gets up to stretch. He looks down at me and gives me his hand. But I ignore it and pull my self up we stare into each others eyes, our faces inches away. Namjoon shoves me in the back. I turn around and he gives me a wink. He knows too.

I see Jungkook across the room he is staring at Jimin. Jealously? He looks at me, lets out a sigh and looks at Tae and smiles. Jungkook once had a thing for Jimin, But he is now dating Tae… Wow, they all caught on so quick.

I look around at Jin to see him playing with a Super Mario plush. He’s clueless.

Jimin, Taehyung, Namjoon, and I walk to our part of the house. Jungkook tags along so he can hang out with Tae. I go inside my room leaving the door cracked open. I sit on my bed pulling my sweater off hanging it on the rack next to me. I tap my foot on the ground, waiting for Jimin to come through the door. I lay backwards on my bed. I sigh and put my hands together and fiddle with my thumbs. I sit up and go to my door just as I am about to close the door I see Jimin in the hallway with his velvet robe on. His eyes widen like a wild animals.

We both stand there looking waiting. He smiles. Then pushes my door open. I take a step back, and he closes the door behind him.

“Need something?” I simply ask.

“I need you Hobi.” I grin and he wraps his hands around my back. He pulls himself towards me and he kisses my lips.

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