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I am Rixie

By @Kanora

Hi. I am Rixie. I’m a golden retriever of one year old. I love to play and I love my owner. Well, I used to love my owner. And he me, until he didn’t love me anymore.  

I am Rixie.  

This is my story. 

I was seven weeks old when it all started. Until then, everything was perfect, with my brothers and sisters, and my loving mom. Then He came in. He wanted to take a look at our nest. Why, I didn’t know. So I behaved well, just like the rest of my family. A week later He took me away from my family, in his own house.  

At first, everything seemed fine. He gave me good food, took me out for a walk, played a lot with me, and gave me a beautiful name: Rixie. 

Until the day he came home on a weird looking machine on two wheels. He was also wearing a strange jacket that I didn’t recognise.  

He didn’t pet me, like He always used to do. 

He didn’t give me a sweet, like He always used to do. 

He didn’t go play with me, like He always used to do. 

He didn’t even look at me. 

Since then it always went like that when he came home. He gave me less food, and I became weaker. Weird people visited us in our house, with the same weird looking machines and jackets. They laughed at me. They laughed at my owner, because of me. Why, I didn’t know. 

Then it went wrong. 

I had to drink up a peculiar drink, that didn’t smell very well. But I trusted my owner, and took a sip. I think it was poison. No. He would never do that to me. He couldn’t.  

From that day on, I became even weaker. We went for a walk, and I was attached to a little pole, like I was used to. But this time was different. I felt it. 

He didn’t come back, while I was feeling really bad. The truth slowly dawned on me. My owner left me. He poisoned me. Why, I didn’t know. 

I fell asleep. For the last time ever, probably. I saw a glimpse of a face with freckles running towards me.

Too late. 

I awoke in an intense white chamber. All kinds of tubes were dangling off me, and there were people with caps before their mouths standing around me. I fell asleep. 

I awoke in a small, dark box. People were looking at me. Two eyes, that belonged to a face full of freckles, were staring straight at me. She was consulting the other persons, who nodded. Why, I didn’t know. 

The girl with the freckles came to me next week, and took me in in her home. I love her. She loves me. She takes me for walks, and she plays a lot with me. She calls me Hermes. Everything is perfect. 

I am Rixie. 


I was Rixie. 

I am Hermes. 

This is my story. 

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