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I Am From



I am from DreamDinners,

Father cooked grilled meats,

I am from root beer, 

And Kraft mac-n-cheese.

I am from a rough, stuffed Dalmatian,

Early morning swim meets.

Late night soccer games, 

And a soft red and white blanket.

I am from a woodland backyard,

The last house on the street.

The only white house,

And a long, cold creek.

I am from God, 

Mrs. Narges, Coach Carlos,

Zoe, Victoria, Noelle, Henry, 

Coach Buzz, and family.

I am from, “Chew with your mouth closed!”,

And, “Sit up straight!”.

I am from, “Period. End of conversation.”

And, “Don’t go in the woods when it’s windy.”                                      

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