By @Moonjellifish


By @Moonjellifish

Hypothermia is a fast but peaceful killer

Chapter 1

   Just an hour ago it was cold. I was just walking with my family, hiking up in the mountains. We enjoy hiking in different times of the year, different seasons, different things to see. Different animals, different nature, different people. Winter is my favorite season, the animals are off hiding but once we see them it’s like a light among the darkness. A ray of hope spring will return.

   But for me my spring will not return.

   Just an hour ago it was cold. Now it’s unbearable hot and there’s no saving me.

   I had fallen into a river, it was so small I was surprised it was still running and not frozen over. The few fish in the river swam away, one hopped out of the water. My family and I laughed, I returned the fish to the river. We continued walking on, I wasn’t all that wet and we were so close to finishing our walk. Once we reached the end, we would go home. I would take a hot shower, mom would tell stories to the children, and we would dream of happy Christmas mornings.

   Just an hour ago I was shivering uncontrollably. I had to get home. I turned back before my family, hoping to make it to the car and turn all the heaters on high. The forest seemed different though, I just couldn’t remember how to get back to the car. I got lost in a path I should know well.

   The walk started similar but I took a wrong turn at the wrong tree, I don’t know what happened. I came across a river again but now I’m not sure it’s the same as the one I fell in. It looks the same. So I continued on my path, hoping to get to the car.

   It’s getting hard to walk, I’m shivering hard. My teeth are chattering. My muscles are clamping. I shouldn’t have separated from my family. They could help me at this point, I could be saved. I could come to see spring again.

   But that was an hour ago now.

   I was definitely lost. I had been in this forest enough I never knew I could get lost here. It’s bigger than I ever realized. I found a fallen tree to sit on. I can’t help but wonder, did this tree make a sound when it fell? The other thing I wonder is why I stopped shivering. The warmth came very quickly and now I’m quite comfortable. A ray of hope to see spring again. I put my hand in all my pockets to find my phone to contact my family. But I couldn’t find it. Then I remembered I left it in the car.

   It has been an hour since I started shivering, it’s only been a few minutes before the warmth within me has become unbearable. I can’t sit in my jacket when it’s hot like this. I remove my jacket, it’s a heavy parka. It’s my favorite jacket. It was still damp from the fall in the river.

   It’s still hot. I remove my top layer shirt. But it’s still hot. Slowly, I remove all of my clothes, neatly folding it up next to me. I still feel hot but now I feel tired as well. By now, you think I would understand what’s happening. But I didn’t.

   I knew I would get chilly at some point, so I laid down and put my parka on me. I rested my head on my folded clothing. I was feeling comfortable and relaxed.

   Now you expect me to tell you, my family found me and took me to a hospital, it was barely in time but they saved me. I woke up in the hospital, barely alive, the nurse told me to go back to sleep and heal up before I do anything. I live to see spring another year.

   That’s what you expect.

   Just an hour ago I was unbearably cold.

   Now I’m resting. The cold has warped my mind and warped my thoughts. I hadn’t gotten lost, the cold was just eating at my mind. My family won’t look for me until they get to the car and find I’m not there. That’s when they’ll look for me but it’ll be too late. Maybe they’ll try to get me to a hospital and save it but it’s too late.

   Just an hour ago I couldn’t stop shivering. By now I should be dead. At these temperatures, people only live 45 minutes. I was lucky to last an hour.

   At least it will be peaceful. The cold will let me rest, I will sleep. By the time I am fully asleep, the cold will have already taken me. I open my eyes one last time before I fall fully asleep. I see a deer walking by. I may not wake up to see spring again but at least I know it will return without me.

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