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By @MeaningfulMee



It was a cold night.

Rain falling from the grey clouds above landing with a tap on the pavement below them. 

The dark of November nights engulfed the eventless suburbs of Fethard.

The wind howled through branches, shaking above him,

Little Johny. 

He didn’t mind the cold, gingers don’t feel.

His black trainers tapping softly on the road he walked upon. 

He had gotten a taxi from school however he didn’t want the driver to know which house he lived in. 

There was something about him, something that made Johny uncomfortable. 

After only five minutes of walking, he reached his house. 

The darkness shone against the window, the full moon glistening. 

The house was dark, no lights were on.

No one was home, this didn’t bother Johny.

Johny was always home alone, his parents were too busy doing drugs in alleyways to get home.

Johny let a sigh and walked along the paved driveway. 

He took out his My Little Pony designed key and shoved it in the hole.

Behind the door his dog Roger barked, angrily trying to protect his pillow.

The door unlocked and Johny eased it up, it creaked as he did this. 

“Hello, Roger matey oh. I had a jolly good day.”

He said to Roger as he made his way to the kitchen and grabbed a can of beer out of the fridge. 

He rubbed Rogers brown fur and turned on the lights. 

He had been in the dark for so long that it brightness blinded him temporarily.

He took yesterdays pizza leftovers out of the fridge placing them in the microwave. 

Roger who had been sitting submissively by his feet began to bark aggressively at the outside. 

Johny turned around quickly, Roger never acted out like this. 

From the corner of his eye, Johny saw a flash of white speed past the window. 

Johny began to fear, however, he tried to go about his day today.  

“It’s nothing.”

He repeated in his head, trying to make himself believe it.

The microwave beeped and Johny took his pizza out.

“Come on Rogery poo, let’s go conspire by the fire and watch Big Mouth.”

Johny walked to the living room with an air of sophistication about him, Roger followed behind him.

Johny turned on the lights in the living room, taking his shoes before he entered the carpeted room.

Roger ran onto the pink chaise long Johny elegantly positioned himself beside his companion.

Suddenly there was a colossal bang coming from outside. 

Johny was scared now though he didn’t want to admit it. 

He took the T.V remoter, turned it on and clicked onto Netflix.

By the time Johny had found Big Mouth, there was another bang, Johny assumed it was a cat or something.

Then it happened, the moment Johny’s life changed forever. 

He heard an all to familiar creak, it was the door. 

“Good Day!” 

He called out to the intruder.

No reply. 

Johny sat, paralysed by fear. 

Eyes flashing before his eyes, cats don’t open doors, that wasn’t a cat after all.

Johny tried to be silent. 


He placed his finger on Roger’s mouth.

Roger mistook his finger for a cigarette something he was addicted to, 

Roger bit down on Johny’s finger, Johny let out a cry. 

“Ouch Roger, that really hurt.”

“What happened?”

Asked a deep and cynical voice.

“Roger bit my finger.”

Johny heard footsteps and he realised the mistake he had made.

Suddenly the living room door flew open. 

Johny closed his eyes, he’d seen Bird Box.

“Open your eyes, Johny boy.”

Johny did as he was told, his hands shaking as he did.

Then he realised who it was. 

Deep blue eyes, shiny white hair, wrinkly hands.

The smell of smoke and air freshener.


It was him, just as Johny had feared. 

It was his taxi driver. 

He turned off the light, flicking a lighter in Johny’s pale face.

Under its light, he placed his finger on Johny’s lips,

“Hush little Johny,





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