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Human Emotion (Is A Complex Thing)

By @blueelephant

Human Emotion (Is A Complex Thing)

human emotion is a complex thing;

it is dangerous

yet kind,

it is powerful

yet soft,

it is everything

and nothing.

it is the pain of the words

“i miss you”,

deeper than oceans

and sharper than ice,

like a blade against my heart

as i watched you leave.

and it is the rush of the words

“i love you”,

like the flood of the tides

and the blow of summer wind,

like lightning over my skin

as i watched you come home.

many years have i considered

while awaiting your arms,

your chest,

your lips,

your being;

missing the burn that melted the freeze,

fearing the freeze that smothered the burn.


human emotion is not one thing;

it exists in multiples for everyone:

the fire 

and the flood,

the crave

and the longing;

those are not solo, but exist in duet.


and nothing,

the burn

and the freeze,

the luminosity that i learned

in loving


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