How We Met

By @SkyArrows
How We Met

When 15 year old Traci Dominance is caught in a house fire that kills her Mother, all fingers point to her Father. While he's in prison she as no where else to turn but her Uncle. At her new school romances finds a way to take over. Can she survive?

Chapter 1

New School, New Sense

Things were in so many different motions nowadays. They’ve been that way for about three months, and still, it feels weird. I can still remember her screaming as my Father tried to get Alexander, Megan, and I out of the house. I wish he saved her, not me. My uncle accused him, and even though we all knew he didn’t set the house up in flames, every single person on the court, said he was the one to blame. Now he’s in jail for 15 to life, meaning by the time he gets out, I’ll either be out of town, or I’ll have a family of my own. Won’t get much Daddy-Daughter time I suppose, but… it could be worse. Moving four towns over, could mean somethings about to happen. Just like my Mom always said, “You move the Earth in your life. So, things may happen for a reason. Your family will always be a part of that reason.” Makes me feel like my family will be a part of whatever’s about to happen.

         “Traci?” I hear my Uncle say as my body pulls itself away from the mattress of my new bed. I rub my eyes clean as his voice becomes louder. “Traci! School starts in twenty minutes! Get up!” Heh. He knows me all too well. I hear his steps trail against the stairs as I leap from my messy covers and slam my body against the door to keep it shut.

         “I’M AWAKE!” I screamed as I dropped to the foot of the door, “I-I’m awake…” I look around my room, my eyes just finishing to adjust to the bright room before me. Frozen as I stare at the colors and design of the room. Pink and white waved walls, popcorn styled ceiling, and even a door painted silently, only me and Alexander knew it was there. It was colored with drawings of wolves. I can remember my Mom telling me I had the heart of one. Saying that I ran with a pack all my own, even when I should’ve been with my real one. I loved when she said that to me. I love her. While, I loved her anyways. I miss her… and my Dad… a lot. But at least I have Alexander and Megan here. Aunt Rosie and Uncle Derek to!

         I stand up and throw myself towards my closet, I ran to school while Alexander and Megan drove so if I hurried Uncle Derek wouldn’t notice what I wanted to wear and what I was going to wear. A black hoodie with cut out sleeves and a bunch of roses on the right shoulder. I wore dark blue jeans that were extremely tight on my legs. Then I slipped on my above the ankle black boots. I stand up staring at my reflection in the broken mirror, my hair wasn’t a mess, but, I didn’t like the plain in it. It was so white against my black clothes. I ran down to the bathroom with pace, not letting anyone catch me. In this house these clothes are a no, no. A HUGE ONE at that. I bent down and flipped my hair over my top of my head. I then used a dry spray-on hair dye, turning my hair a dark brown as I stared into the unbroken mirror and placed in my contacts. I hate glasses, but… Aunt Rosie got me the different colored ones. Making my eyes deep brown. They worked with my sight but coved up my two differently colored eyes. Which I didn’t mind. I hated that they were so weird anyways.

         “FIVE MINUTES! Traci! Let’s go!” I hear Aunt Rosie call to me. I book it to the living room snagging my side swipe pack with the leather strap and dive out the door before someone could spot me and stop me. Took me all summer to sew up that bag, and finally I could put it to use.

School. New one at that. People. New figures on the rise, soon to be around me, pushing me to and from my classes. I am firstly welcomed by a tall girl with blonde hair tied up into a messy bun and deep green eyes that complimented her messy white shirt and bright blue overalls. She smiles to me extending her hand to my stiff arm.

“You must be Traci!” She screamed loudly, “The name’s Jenny! Principal Luigi wanted me to show you around! So, come on!” She said as she took my arm and dragged me inside the large brick building. Luckily, I lost her halfway through the crowd. Getting bumped and pushed and shoved all the way through the mess of the first hall. I run right into this tall boy with deep black hair and dark blue eyes. I smile to him, but he only coughs and turns away like I’m nothing.

“Watch out Fresh Meat!” He says walking over to another group of people. Seniors by the looks of them, either that or tall underclassmen. I snag my schedule from my bag and peer right near them to find my locker. Not thinking-or caring much on that matter-I shove the tallest one out of the way, hold my head high, and begin to open my locker. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” He screams. I ignore him like I do when Megan tries to talk with me about boys. It ended like when Aunt Rose tells me to do a chore.

A mess.

I find my stuff thrown off my back, books all over the floor, papers flying down the hall from the swift breeze of the door. My face steaming red with anger. Still, I don’t face him. I march myself over to my bag, pick it up and begin to gather the rest of my belongings.

“What the heck Carson!?” I heard another voice scream. Quickly I see black jeans picking up some of my books, red shoes matching the paper they take out from under their shoe. “A transfer paper?” They say. Their voice is calming, warm, sweet, a pure image of Damien, a friend of mine from my old school.

“Yeah, so far, I think my old school’s better,” I say and stand up. I begin to brush the hair out of my eyes and look up to see the person who helped me turned towards the ground still.

“Oh, come on,” He begins with a slight welcoming tone, “We all aren’t as bad as my buddy Carson.” He ends by picking up my book while I correctly put my binders together in my arm. “Give this place a chance and you’ll find it to be-” We both freeze as I reach my hand for my copy of Everything, Everything. Our hands touched, his pale but slightly tanned skin mixing with my olive skin. His hand his warm and gives me a sense I’ve only ever read about in the book that holds us together. I peer up and see his deep oceanic blue eyes, clearly a covering by contacts like the ones I wore. He has messy blonde hair that’s clean in certain places, dirty in others. Our eyes meet as he finishes his sentence. “Beautiful.” I smile to him as we quickly stare back down at our hands. “O-Oh! Yeah. Here!” I take the book and adjust the bag over my shoulder, and the binders in my hands, “S-S-So, Everything, Everything eh? You aren’t one of those romance novel girls, are you?” I look at him shaking my head and beginning to walk away. “Chris!” He calls out, “I’m Chris!”

“Nice to meet you,” I say as calm as possible. Unlike the inside of me which is exploding in all ways to this one place in my heart. An unexplored place. I turn towards a door that says Main Office in giant metal letters.

“Wait,” He says freezing me as my hand sits on the cold iron handle. I turn towards him as he looks at the boy he called Carson who shakes his head to Chris. “M- May I ask your name?” He stands up straighter, as if to act more confident, he failed. But his attempt was… I don’t know.

“You may ask,” I say and look down to the handle, “But it doesn’t mean I’ll answer.” I push open the door and walk to the front desk with the image of Chris still and forever burning in my mind. I never talked to people like that before. I barely talked to people in general! I don’t even talk to Damien like that! And he’s my best friend! So, what was all that about? Whatever it was, I just hope Megan wouldn’t find out. Because boys with Megan is an unheard, unwanted, ear bleeding, cry from death itself. So, I just pray she won’t find out. That would be… a mess.

From then on out familiar cries circled through my head. One’s from Jenny, Carson, Derek, Rosie, but not from Chris. Come to think of it, this morning Alexander and Megan weren’t even home! I sat in my Advanced Chemical Science class thinking about whether or not I saw them. Then I saw one. Not in my thoughts but next to me at my desk.

         “Hey Traci,” Alexander said sliding his bag off his shoulder and to the floor. I heard his voice and didn’t look towards him fully, half of my gaze was on a girl three tables over starring me or him down. Alexander noticed and turned to go see, I knew his gaze hit her hard. “Ignore her. She’s like that to most people.”

         “Is she like that to you?” I ask. He shrugs.

         “You know-” He began to say, “Um… you know I’m not that social right?” I face palmed myself. “Forgot?” He asked with a sly smirk.

         “OH SHUT IT!” I said shoving him enough for him to lose his balance. We both just sat there laughing while we waited for the teacher. Who never came? “Is this normal?” I asked him as this guy sat at the table in front of us.

         “Sure is,” They answered, “But don’t sweat it, it’s a good thing to just have a period where no teacher shows up. Cuts into some learning but makes for good free periods.” I looked at them with a questioning look as Alexander looked down and shook his head. This guy had a blue batman jacket on with black pants and black shoes. His skin was darkly colored his eyes were a deep blue to go with his deep black hair.

         “Need this period huh? I’m guessing you didn’t finish the English project, eh Shawn?” He asked with this smirk I’ve only ever seen him give Megan or I that look. AWW! ALEXANDER HAD A FRIEND THAT WASN’T A FAMILY MEMBER!

         “No, I did not,” He answer which cracked Alexander up, “Now are you going to introduce me to this sweet little girl next to you or not?”

         “Little? Are you calling me short?” I said as I set my hands on the table with a playful smirk.

         “And she’s funny to?!” He said with a laugh, “How do you always get the good ones Xander?”

         “Xander?” I said looking to him, “Wait what?! No, no, no, no, no, no! I-I’m not his girlfriend. I’m his-” Alexander looked at me with a light blush on his face as his friend put their hand up and stopped me.

         “I know. I’m messing. The name’s Shawn. You’ve gotta be Traci, right?” Shawn said moving his hand to shake mine.

         “Yeah?” I said questioningly while I shook his hand.

         “Don’t take it odd Trace. I just told Shawn and some of the guys about you coming,” Alexander said. He was shy, especially at home, but here, he wasn’t like that. I guess this was his escape, but, it couldn’t be mine. Not for a while anyways. Times like this I wish Damien was here.

         “Makes sense,” I said as Jenny walked into the room and sat next to Shawn, “Hey Jenny.”

         “Hey there Traci!” She said with a smile, “Sorry I lost ya this morning. Just got caught up in-”

         “Seeing old friends?” I finished for her, “I get it. I’m even going to see friends from my old school tomorrow.”

         “You are?” Alexander asks.

         “Yep. You knew that. We talked about it yesterday. Remember I’m going to the mall to hang out with Damien and Carter?” I said as I nudged him in the arm slightly.

         “Oh, right!” He said with an eyeing smile. He wanted to borrow my room for that time now that he remembered. My room is located near the router, one room over to be exact. Best spot for the Wi-Fi, I even charge Megan to use my room when I’m gone for the internet! Talk about a gold mine!

         “Don’t even ask. Megan already asked and pre-paid me for tomorrow!” I said holding out twenty bucks.

         “Dang it!” Alexander screamed while Jenny and Shawn laughed.

         “So the mall with some dudes? And your Pops is okay with that?” Shawn asked. Just a question, a single question and my mind went blank. I didn’t know how to answer that. I didn’t want to answer that. I just, looked away with, tightly closed eyes and took a breath.

         “Yes,” I said after about two minutes of silence, “Damien and Carter have been my friends for years. My family trusts them a lot. Damien mostly because I grew up with him since like, EVER!”

         “Well I’ll have to go with you then,” Shawn said with a smirk growing across his face, “I’ll need to meet my competition.” He gave me a slight wink as I laughed and we all just talked for the rest of class. I found out that Shawn and Jenny are actually brother and sister, twins at that! Alexander goes by Xander at school with all his friends, and that Shawn is a huge flirt with girls to hide the fact that he’s gay and loves Alexander. The last one I wasn’t told. I just figured it out on my own. I AM A SMART LITTLE COOKIE!

The rest of my classes were quiet. I don’t talk to many people and don’t really care about meeting new people unless needed. So not seeing anyone from 1st all the way to 6th period lunch was really refreshing in some ways. Then I got to lunch. Tacos! CAN YOU SAY PART-YAY! I took my tray and quickly found Megan, Alexander, Shawn, Jenny, and one other girl all sitting at the table. This other girl had light black hair cut short into two tiny pigtails. Black trimmed glasses with black eyes behind the clean and clear glass. A light grey shirt lose around her top. Lose and light blue jeans around her legs, and light grey shoes on her feet. She sat away from everyone else at the table and beamed with her ghost white skin. Megan called me over and I sat down next to this ghost girl with a smile. She just shook nervously as I began to eat my taco.

         “So how have classes been Traci?” Shawn asked folding his arms below his head, “Like classes wise?”

         “Decent. I know I’m gonna die with my Geometry class though! I tell you what, I wanna go back to Algebra,” I whined.

         “Coming from you that something else Trace,” Megan said sliding the girl next to me a piece of paper, “You’re turn Lucy.”

         “Lucy? Turn? Your? What?” I shook my head and looked at her. When the others tried to speak I held up a hand. Only wanting this Lucy girl to answer.

         “I-I-I-I-I’m Lucy, and…” She slowly dove her head down into her shirt as a familiar voice finished for her.

         “Aww man! How many rounds of Favorites did I miss?” I look up to see Chris sitting on the other side of Lucy. He looks around the table and his eyes freeze on me. No words, he just, starred at me, and I stared back.

         “Only one Chris. But don’t worry Traci here missed it to,” Megan said as Chris nodded.

         “So you’re the Traci that Shawn wouldn’t shut up about?” Chris said as he bit his taco. I cocked my head on its side to stare at Shawn oddly as his face turned into a reflection of red fireworks. Now leaning more towards him being ******** not gay. Chris laughed my attention back to him. “All good things. And I’m glad I get to see you again. It’s not every day you meet a beautiful stranger and see them once more.” Now I was laughing. “Is this normal Xander?”

         “No, no it’s not,” he answers.

         “Yeah he’s right. It isn’t normal that someone will just sit there and lie to me. Please Flirter, calling me a ‘beautiful stranger’ is a LARGE overstatement,” I said with another laugh.

         “I’d mean it if I said it,” Shawn said with a smile.

         “Then say it,” I said with one glare towards him. Soon showing a smirk, “Say it right here, right now. To. My. Face.” That shut him up as he looked away again with his firework face. “Exactly. No one has or ever will say that and be truthful about it. Now. What’s this Favorites thing?”

         “You read Everything, Everything, how do you not know what Favorites is!?” Chris screamed.

         “Oh, you guys are talking about Fast Fives. Okay, I’m in,” I said with a smile. Alexander handed out some papers and we all had to write our favorite things for each category on the paper. The list was sport, season, name, color, person (not a character, TRACI!). That last part was Alexander’s adding onto my paper. He knows how much I write stories and stuff, so he knows my favorite person would be a character from my stories.

Traci’s Fast Five Favorites




4~Muddy Pine Green (It’s a real thing Megan!)

5~Tie between Damien and Carter

After we wrote everything on the papers we then handed them to Megan. As she read them off, “Okay Xander picked track-not sure that’s a real sport-winter, Madeline, red, and Lucy. Aww, baby bro.” She smiled to Xander as he blushed lightly, and Shawn nudged him. “Alrighty then! Shawn picked soccer, summer, blue, and his favorite person is a tie between Xander and me!” I watched Shawn nod his head up and down and flash a wink to Megan. I let out a small laugh and looked down. That boy is gonna get a smack upside the head one day. “Lucy picked, gymnastics, winter, Sami, and she put, Xander!” Lucy shrunk down into her shirt with a pink face and leaned back. I caught Chris starring at me again. His smile warming my face as Megan kept going. “Jenny picked snowboarding, spring, June, pink, and Carl. Her pig. Chris picked baseball, a warm winter, Ethan, black and red, and his favorite person is… TRACI!”

         “M-Me?” I said as my eyes were thrown to Megan. I watched as he handed the paper to Alexander. His eyes widen as he read the paper, then looked at me, then read the paper again, then back to me like a game.

         “Wow, Chris we’re gonna talk later. Got it?” Alexander said with an evil grim look in his eyes.

         “Okay! Let’s stop that! Traci! Yours says, soccer, fall, Ethan, muddy pine green-even though I don’t think that’s even a real color-and a tie between Damien and Carter,” Megan said with a nod. I looked away as Alexander cocked his head to me.

         “Damien and Carter?” He said, “Weren’t those two friends from your old school?” I nodded as my phone went off.

         “Speak of the devil. M come on! You know he’ll have Carter with him!” I waved my hand over as I answered a video call with Damien. Seeing his white hair and green eyes, it made things… normal. Carter wasn’t there though.

         “Where’s Conner?” Megan asked getting a little depressed.

         “He’s sick. You know where he lives though Meg, just go see him later,” Damien answered, “So T, how’s your new school?” I looked down and turned my phone for him to see the table.

         “Say hi to everyone Damien!” I said and turned the screen back towards me.

         “See what did I tell you? You act like you do before and-HOLD UP A SEC! YOU CHANGED YOUR-” Damien started screaming.

         “I GOTTA GO DAME! BYE!” I said and hung up on him slamming my phone to the table.

         “Okay… so, T, what class do you have next?” Shawn asked as I dug in my bag for my schedule.

         “YES! I! GOT! ENGLISH!” I then slammed the side of my head on the table and beamed bright with a smile, “And if you three couldn’t tell, I love English!” I threw my head and my hands up in the air with a cheer. I watched as Alexander laughed and Megan began hitting the table.

         “You don’t just love English Traci! You’d kill for it!” Megan said as I nodded violently. Chris handed me his binder and in the front cover was his schedule. He had English to!

         “Cool, you’ll have to show me where it is!” I said with a cheer as the bell rung.

         “That’s our cue. Up and out everyone. Chris. We have Math together, I will break you if you try to avoid me. We are talking about that,” Alexander said walking away. I just shrugged as I heard Chris gulp. Then he reached out for my arm and tugged me along.

As we walked along to English Chris couldn’t help but just nudge me in the halls. Like he wanted to talk, but he didn’t. He motioned his head behind us and I saw Carson walking behind us like an immature idiot. Following us on purpose! Chris handed me a note as we kept on our way.

Chris~So, you like the name Ethan?

Traci~Yes! I love that name!

Chris~Same. I’ve always wanted to have a kid named Ethan.

Traci~Cool, but can we just talk about how even walking and dodging hits your penmanship is perfect?

Chris~Thanks, but no. Since we’ve met I think I’ve done most of the talking or writing, now it’s your turn.



Traci~No, I mean behind us, it’s Carson! Why is he in this class?

Chris~Long story. Just try to ignore him.

I really did try to do what Chris said but I just couldn’t. This was 10th grade English! Carson was by no way a 10th grader! He signaled us over and Chris was calm about it, walking over to a desk far from him. He might have been, but I wasn’t. Not in the slightest. The teacher walks in and immediately Carson points me out. Causing me to stand in the front of the room and introduce myself. That wasn’t even the half of it! Because Carson pointed me out the teacher made me sit next to him! I mean come on!

         “So, Preppy Princess, tell me about yourself,” Carson said leaning back in his chair.

         “Heh!” I scoffed loudly, “This morning you were chucking my stuff down the hall, and now you want to actually talk to me and be friends?” I shook my head and took out a piece of paper, beginning on a new part to my online stories. I have a strong following online and post daily for my creative flow. Today I needed to write my tag down and I had nothing! My nothing was soon interrupted by Carson ripping the page from my hands and drawing all over it! “Grrr.”

         “Oh, looks like this Princess has some growls on her. No bites yet though,” He passed me back the paper. Showing me a map of the school. He then took out his own piece of paper and asked for my schedule. I refused as he shook his head and wrote again. One day you’ll want to avoid my Brother as much as possible. Most people do at least once. I’m gonna draw you a path to do so, but I need to know your classes to help you out. I shook my head and slammed my schedule on the desk as he used a red pen and marked down places to go. Then he wrote on his paper again. Get use to me. I’m not a bug you can just squash to get rid of. Good luck with my bro. Chris will not always be there. Trust me. He never was. He then drew a skull with an arrow threw it as I took both the papers and stuffed them in my bag.

“So far. This first day is trash!” I thought and looked over to see Chris giving me a small smile. I smiled back to him then my eyes fell to the teacher, then Carson, then outside the window. “But at least I met Chris and have English with him. But Carson is… I can deal with him. For now, at least. He just needs to watch out. BUT WAIT! HOLD UP! CHRIS AND CARSON ARE BROTHERS! GAH!” My thoughts caused me to fall out of the chair and on my back then on my butt! Great way to end this! Maybe I can use this for a chapter’s end in one of my stories.

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