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How many Put in a Request for a Spin, Push and Pull?

By @robinson1979

Chapter 1

A mesmerize or translucent descending into fatal attraction with oneself or another at hand.  It starts by a person recording something they shouldn’t, then they record over it with something better in an alternative manner with the thought in mind that this person would use it for good or evil whichever they choose.  It is replayed to kindness or evil whichever is prefered.   Most play it slow so all can hear.  It’s a slower recording from all others playing.  Flick!  The static flies toward the person emphasized in the direct.  The Bluffs

Some play it fast to get in the mood of a fast pace work or sending something through they should not send through like javascript, earflow, powder that floats in the air that get to the skin makes a person itch, irritated, burn, pressure.  It’s too much pressure for the body to handle so the body builds up coagulation and gets irritated.  



THe Mesmerizes or translucent descendants get set along the path of the bi lateral equal level push built up over time.  Tanglewood

It slides  to that person because it knows its name and knows what it does and all the things about this person.  It knows where to go and all this stuff.  It just goes to that person because of all the things that are found out about that person over time.  It found out so much because of all the things it had been listening to over the mic.  

The record online or in this is a person just listening to it all the time just a listening ear just listening all the time.  It just builds up a line of connection just builds up over and over until it connects with that person and then finally you can use it however you want.  You can use it however you want.  You can plan to kill a person or you can plan to love a person.  You can cut it so it does not get to you anymore.  

You can stop it by just cutting it with a slice of a nail or some other part of your body that will make it understand that you don’t want it in that direction you point toward it until they understand.  That is what they do to let you know they are in control until the person finds out how to do it.  Then that person figures it out, then they point back.  

They point back harder since they did not like what was going on and then they did not do anything to deserve this.  Why would you keep pointing at me so much?  I don’t want you to do this.  I don’t want you to do this with me please don’t do this.  I don’t want you to do this.  THis is actually my example for you.  I can actually make more examples like this one.  I can make another if you want but I would be out of turn with the other one. She shows up quite clearly and I don’t want to intrude with this one and she is always on my mind and she wont get off once it starts because she is on my mind a lot and she wont get off.  So i know what to say on this one that is enough i am done.


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