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How can’t you know?

By @writinginthedark

You have no idea I like you

I’m sitting here,

My brain buzzy like static,

Contemplating things to say

And you’re being you,

Your wonderful, amazing you

And I’m going crazy

There’s so many things I want to say

One being that you’re everything I want

Second being that you’re making me insane

And third, you’re spectacular

Stars, warmth of the fire, halos of light dew, fireworks

I just wish I could

You have no idea all the songs I listen to are about you

All the lyrics somehow make it around to you

You have no idea the bags under my eyes

Are caused from an unfortunate late night ponder

About you

And it’s amazing

How something this powerful doesn’t make itself so obvious

As to end my agony

And tell me an answer

*Not sure if I would add this in*

Do you at all see me the way I see you

Or is your vision as normal as I thought, as I think, and as everyone else knew

Not one bit impaired

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