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House of Blood

By @Akira Eliza

the Life of a Pirate.... in Training.

hi! nice to meet you! im a pirate, did you know? pretty cool, huh? ive never been on a pirate trip before, but i really want to learn. i hummed ” yo, ho, that’s the way to go, a pirates life for me!” while i tightened the nearly invisible string for my trap. that’s right. you got it: im obsessed with pirates. im only fourteen, but don’t worry! ill make the best pirate you’ve ever seen, just you wait! i already live on a ship. super cool! its really big and really expensive. my parents are rich but im poorer than a vampire with sawed-off fangs. Lila walked up the slanted plank that connects the ground to the ship. woah, pink explosion! pink alert! my eyes, my eyes! the girl with her had a pink skirt, pink shirt, pink eyes, and even pink hair. whats with the pink? and it just so happens to be my least favorite color. humph. she stopped at the entrance and looked around. my face twitched, but other than that, i don’t think i gave anything away. she was looking to see if i had set any traps. i wouldn’t expect anything less from a friend who has known me why whole life.

” there doesn’t seem to be any traps around here” Lila said with a nod. her friend tapped her shoulder.

” traps? you mean, like, ***** traps?” the girl said. i picked up some fearful vibes from her. she was scared of me, i think. Lila laughed out loud.

” yeah, Jake here is known for his tricks and pranks. their mostly harmless and his way of saying ” i like you be my friend” but watch out when they turn harmful. that means he doesn’t like you.” i threw a kid fit.

” you know, im right here, you guys!” okay, now im glad i set that trap. pay! as Lila walked across the entrance, her foot tripped on the see through string. bingo. she tripped and fell. the string was connected to a knife at the top, where it was entwined and twisted so that it safely held the handle. when her ankle hit the string, it pulled the string back so that the knife went across. right beside the knife blade was a sack of flour. so when the string was pulled by Lila’s ankle, the knife went across in the direction of the sack of flour, ripping it open. twenty pounds of flour in a huge bag was opened, and it rained all over Lila, who fell and was facing the ground. there was so much flour that it hit her friend, whom i still don’t know the name of. me and her friend burst into a fit of side splitting laughter as Lila lay there, more white than ever. she got up, a scarily calm look on her face. uh-oh. when shes clearly ****** but has a calm look on her face, you better run. her eyebrow twitched, along with a glitchy smile that spread across her white face.

” oh shi-” the chase was already on. in mere moments she was chasing me and her friend, who was now more white than pink due to the four. laughing and running until we couldn’t breathe, we plopped down onto the ground. Lila jumped up and landed right on my stomach, more specifically her knees. the rest of her hit my side.

” oof” was all i said with a pained expression on my face. Lila, finally receiving her victory. relaxed an flopped on top of me. her friend lightened up.

” doggy piiiiiiile!” she said and flopped on top of Lila, who also said “ oof” . soon, we found ourselves asleep. apparently, Pinkie was named Alicia.

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