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House of Blood

By @Akira Eliza

the Life of a Top Knight

i sighed. what a boring, unchanging life. what i wouldn’t give to have a little adventure around here. i yawned. i was ready to drop dead into a deep sleep, but there was still more work to do. and the paper work. lets not forget about the ****** paperwork. someone knocked on the door to my office.

” come in” i said with a sigh. i had even more paper work to get done. i was not in the mood for a meeting. Inferior Knight Axel came to view.

” sir” he said and raised a hand to salute me. the Inferiors were the lowest of knights. the Superiors were of higher ranking than the Inferiors. and then came the Deity’s, who were even higher than the Superiors. then last but not least, came the highest ranking of all. only one person was in this slot. the Overlord: me. i was the strongest of all the knights. i was the highest ranking. some call me god. others call me the strongest man in the world. i for one, think that my reputation is an understatement.

” what is it? another criminal? a meeting? or is it more paperwork that you are to deliver?” i stated the usual.

” no sir, i came to tell you that you are to visit the slums. that is the assignment that has been given to you.” i scowled with impatience. i had more paperwork to do.

” what am i, an Inferior!? i cannot be bothered by with this. send an Inferior to do this.” the man shook his head politely, though fear was starting to show in his eyes.

” I’m afraid that it was an order of the King. if i remember correctly, someone told of a vampire among the slums. the teller of the information doesn’t know for a fact if the woman is a vampire, but they said that she never reveals any skin and is extremely secretive. a few of the Superiors and even a Deity or two tried to catch her, but not one of them succeeded. she was too fast for them. so they figured they might as well send you instead. they chose me to send the message. i know just about as much as you do” i nodded. a vampire was problematic, but i still shouldn’t be the one to handle something so lowly. still, if it was order of the King, i must go.

” then i shall be on my way” the Inferior nodded. as he turned to leave, he stepped on my tail. his face turned white. an odd sensation went up my spine, and i suddenly felt very twitchy. and very, very hot.

” MRRRRROWWWWW!!!” i let out a cat like wail at the top of my lungs. i fought the urge to squirm as the Inferior rushed back out, as if i was planning to kill him. i cradled my sore tail, letting out cat like hisses and ” mrrows” along the way, my face red and hot.

i knocked on apartment 3074. no one answered. i barged in on my own account. the rooms didn’t have any keys, and they remained unlocked. as i took a step inside, i stumbled to my knees. how long has it been since i slept…. four days? and i remember having a few slices of bread three days ago…. ive had a few cups of water and coffee since then… why do i feel so….. weak? i straightened myself up and walked inside. the apartment was surprisingly small. i looked around the kitchenette and living room, which was molded into one room. no person. i checked the small bathroom, but still no person. i checked the bedroom next. and there lay a sleeping girl. she was absolutely beautiful. stunning, even. there was just wrong problem: her abnormally pointy canines and her pasty white skin. she was a vampire alright. and an exhausted looking one, at that. her bed… it looked so soft…. even if it was nothing compared to the one i have in my house…. right now, anything looked soft enough to sleep on. i sat on her bed. so, so soft. i’d take her to the dungeon in a moment. just… let me lie down, just for a little. all i remember is the pillow becoming closer and closer to my face as everything blacked out.

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