Horror Stories To Read Before Going To Bed

By @KeepFighting
Horror Stories To Read Before Going To Bed

Short stories, not attached to each other, but seperate.

Chapter 2

In your dreams...

She stands straight, starring directly at the main door with slightly widen eyes. Her hands hanging by her side, each one screwed to the sink with a woodboard. She is getting bored, as she´s still in the human body, she boroughed yesterday. She twists her neck, which makes the knife in her throat turn. It buries deeper into her flesh. She turns her head down, shakes of the screws and grabs the knife. It is blood and sticky. She starres at it in pure disgust and throwes it on the ground. She turns back up, starring at the main door. It holds a power, she needs to control. She howers to the door, opens it and looks at the yellow sunny sky. She leapes forward and nearly throwes herself into the air.

 “HUH!” She gasps as she jolts in her bed, waking up her husband.

 “What´s wrong honey?” He asks sitting up.

She pulls back with something in her hands. It is beating and pitch black. Suddenly it stops beating and turns into liquid, fading into her hands. She has now absorbed it. She looks down and sees her self grow. No, heal.

 “Elizabeth!” He shouts in terror. She rolls her eyes back as her chest leans foward. A stinging wave of pain strikes her for the last time. She falls back on the bed, lifeless.

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