By @Briontae


By @Briontae

"W-what are you doing," she whimpered, eyes growing larger with each step closer. "Claiming you beautiful chocolate," I said pulling her roughly up against my chest. Shaking her head in disbelief she looked pleading at him. The shackles flinging

Chapter 1


I can smell the fresh cut watermelon, and I really want some. I know I can’t have it, though, we can’t afford it. We barely even have food let alone six cents for watermelon. Mama just fried the last chicken. So, I guess I can pick something off, wisdom’s plate later.

I haven’t had much food these past couple of months. I had to feed my son. I wasn’t, gonna let my own mama starve either. She’s already older than dirt if she skips a meal she might turn to ash. Can’t get to risky with the budget, sense the stock market crashed​. Been so bad, had to eat the ass of uh cow last week. To ashamed to even walk out the door. But, what can I do?

Don’t have a husband; haven’t had much luck finding one taking care of those two. Lost my job after you know what. Only income now is what the government provides, **** Donald Trump. 

” Get your head off the glass and go pick the rest of them tomatoes! ” Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

” Ouch mama why you got to yell in my ear, I’m right here? ” My ears are ringing she yelled so stinking loud.

“Cause I can you’re in my house. Now, go pick them tomatoes before I slap you for talking back. ” That’s another reason why I stay she would be so lonely. I mean, who else can stand her. Hurrying to the kitchen careful not to turn the water on too high when washing out one of the empty butter containers from the store. If I do, the pipes under the sink might burst.

We’re out of pots and bowls to put under it. All the ones we use are in the bathroom still catching leftover droplets from last night’s rain.

I can’t wait till tonight boy, we got of hella big rain. Well, truth be told that ass I ate smell better than me. Lord knows I need a bath.

The rusty screen door slammed shut way too loud for my liking. Quickly, I ran across the yard hope’n the neighbors won’t be outside. 6 tomatoes that’s what was left I all but dropped them in my desperate scramble for the door. But, they caught me before I caught the handle.

” Hope wait! “

Of course, it’s the noisy one that says ” Oh my gosh really ” after every sentence. Ugh! Politely I put the bowl down, folded my hands behind my back and faced him with a bright smile just like mama taught me.

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