By @Shawnice_Pate


By @Shawnice_Pate

Mercedes Brown and Roger Harris are registered heroes that partner up in their first mission.

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Arrival

The first day has just started, and I am already restless. Grandia, the city of heroes. Seeing the famous metropolis city in person made my heart skip a beat. Not once that I believe my dreams could turn into reality. But I was not alone. My friend, Roger Harris stands by my side. If he was any closer, he could see the sweat running down my cheek. It was just my luck that the sun would be out today. Any warmer and my curly fro would fry up. 

Wiping the sweat away with my left hand, I looked up at him who were just as wide eyed. “He just had to be six feet.” I thought. The look in his brown eyes were almost as bright as the city’s lights. After seeing that look, he became predictable. “Oh boy, here we go.” Roger looked ecstatic, taking an eyeful of the flying air-crafts and skyscrapers. He whistles as he looked over at me. “Look at those airships, Mercedes. We do not have none of this back at home.”

He was such an annoyance when he becomes like this.Rolling my brown eyes, I place my right hand on the hip of the same side. When he starts to walk at my side, I did not hesitate to lecture him.

“Our city… is perfect the way it is. You are a bald man in your twenties coming here as if it is an amusement park! Act your age. It will save you in the long run.”

“There is no need to be so uptight.” Roger responded. “Lighten up, woman. This is our first mission here as registered heroes. It would be dull if we do not enjoy ourselves while we are here. You cannot tell me you’re not excited too.”

“Ever hear the saying, ‘Business before pleasure’, Roger? That is my motto. After all, we are still on a job. You will not ruin this opportunity for me.”

He and I both sigh. Knowing him, he probably knew it was best to stop while he was ahead. As the wind picked up, the temperature feels like it drop twenty degrees. Luckily for us, we was wearing coats. Dressed in a black flare coat, it kept my body warm. The same was for Roger; he wears a dark blue Parka jacket and looks comfortable. In comparison, my body were more slender and less muscular than his. The cold should have faze me but didn’t in the slightest. As we walk further into the city, passing the entrance, a man in a blue uniform starts to walk in our direction. Roger whispers into my ear, “Let me handle this.”

“Can I help you, sir?” Roger asked.

“I am Sergeant Lockard.” The man in blue said. He stopped when he approached us. Eyeing him, he looked like a typical looking blond cop with the build of an athlete. “I can tell you two are not natives. What is your business here?” 

“This lady and I are registered heroes from the Saisei region. We are here for the Disappearance case.”

“Saisei?” He asked. The sergeant gives us both weird looks. “You come from that third world country to help Grandia? I am not sure if you both are crazy or dedicated to meddle in other region’s affairs”

“Do you want the help or not?” Roger asked sternly. “Even back in Nova City, we hear about your city’s women vanishing every other day like its nothing.”

“I could always need the help.” Lockard responded. “Just don’t let me down. Your names?”

“Roger Harris,” Roger informed him. Following suit, I also said my name. “Mercedes Brown.”

“Ordinary names, huh?” said Lockard. “Anyways, head down two blocks to Einar’s mansion. He should lead you in the right direction. His wife was one of the victims taken from him.”

“Einar of the Warrior Syndicate?” Roger said excitedly. 

“He is no longer in that hero group. I wonder what made the guy leave. Take care and do not be a stranger, you hear?”

Lockhard sees us both giving him a nod as a response. When the sergeant walk away, Roger gave me a nudge on the shoulder. 

“Is there anything you want to say?” Roger teased.

“That was pretty good.” I said stiffly. Knowing his intentions, there was no way I was about to give him the satisfaction he wanted. Instead, I begin to advance in stride.

“Seriously?” He retorted. “‘Pretty good’? Is that the best you can do?”

“Let it go, Roger.” My lips smile at his words. “I can do better.”

His footsteps can be heard from behind, feeling him near me again. I could feel the tension between us since my last words.It was no surprise to know when he hates something. He was so competitive that it was nerve wracking. Scoffing at my words, he shakes his head.

“It is harder than it looks. Let’s see you try talking to someon–”


“–For longer than five minutes.”

My eyes glared at him as he and I walked down the concrete sidewalk. 

“I am going to make you eat those words.”

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