Honor of the Tiger

By @King_Otaku_Nd101

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: I Have a Plan!!!

Last Time on Honor of the Tiger.


“In six months? That’s impossible!” (Amir)

“You can say goodbye to your sword then, I’m leaving!” (Raina)

“Raina, wait! Wait! A group of five people, right?” (Amir)

“You can gather more people if you want” (Raina)

“Nah, I’m good! Five is a great number. If i do it you’ll give the sword, right?” (Amir)

“Yup! I wish you good luck” (Raina)

________________________________ [ ♧HotT♧ ] ________________________________

After saying that she started a conversation with Gilles. I couldn’t hear what they were saying so i just shrugged it off my head and started thinking on how to gather people.

I can just go in front of the school and announce it to everyone many people would come in but i don’t want to pick the wrong people so i have to think carefully about who to choose.

I needed people that have great talent and that i can trust. In my class, Adam is the only one i can trust, they are all talented but i trust none of them. In the entire school, no… In the entire world, except my sister and Gilles which are my family, Adam is my only friend so this will be difficult.

After finishing training i go back to my room, take a shower and go sit down on my desk. I took a piece of paper and wrote down all the names of the people in Class A and B that i know of. I know Adam will accept so don’t have to worry about it, now i need to choose the other three people. I kinda have trust issues.

I decided to stop here and watch some videos on Megatube, the new streaming platform that replaced the old Youtube. It’s been making a killing lately. I have to watch some videos of raids because from now on i will become a leader. I don’t think that i lack the qualities to be a good leader but I’ve never worked in a group of more than two people so i have to watch and try to learn how to move together in cohesion as a group.

I was watching videos of groups raiding gates using different strategies and approaches to beat the demons. But someone decided to interrupt me.

Knock… Knock… Knock…

“Who is it” (Amir)

“It’s me, Gilles, dinner is ready” (Gilles)

“Alright, I’m coming!” (Amir)

I put the paper inside my bag and go downstairs to eat dinner. After dinner i decided to go to sleep, i think I’m going to start scouting tomorrow.

__________________ ◇ Gilles’s POV ◇ ___________________

_____◇ The Next Day ◇_____

Tiring… Tiring… Tiring…

Ah!… It’s always a pain to get up in the morning, it’s already 5 am? It’s always a pain to get up in the morning. At least it’s better than being a Champion. I’m not kidding, that job is dangerous but that’s why it is also interesting. The rush of Adrenaline you’ll feel when fighting demons, the new creatures you’ll find inside the Gates and the new things you’ll discover always makes you excited before entering inside a Gate. Now I’m retired, it’s not like i lack money but being around Amir and Raina which i consider as my own children are better staying alone in a house doing nothing.

I get off the bed and take a shower after that i do some stretching and wear my clothes. I need to wake Amir’s up. Speaking about him, the young miss is really harsh on him.

… Flashback …

“Why did you give him such a harsh condition? Even you needed a year to advance from E to D-rank” (Gilles)

“Don’t worry about it! Amir’s is the kind of guy who’ll never get serious until he’s challenged” (Raina)

“I know that but don’t forget that he is anti-social. I don’t think that he’ll be in good terms with any of his group members” (Gilles)

“How do you think the two of us became friends?” (Raina)

“We were on the same team for… Ah! I get it” (Gilles)

“See! If they fight together they will start to feel some sort of attachment to them. Because of what happened to our parents he has some problems to trust other so i hope this plan will work out with him.” (Raina)

“I get it but are you still planning on going against them?” (Gilles)

“Don’t worry about me! Just make sure to assist him well” (Raina)

… End of Flashback …

I know that she said not to worry about her but to go against those people right now is similar to committing suicide. Just thinking about them makes me want to wear my armor again and go on a full out war against them! Hahaha!… I need to calm down. Let’s wait until Raina finishes her plans. I hope Amir won’t be involved in this matter! I need to wake him up now… Nah… He’s probably already up. He has that weird habit of waking up early.

____________________ End of POV ____________________

No… No… No… Ahhhhh!!!

“*** I’m so tired of these freaking nightmares, every time i try to sleep they always wake me up. I guess i should just go take a shower.” I get up and go take a shower, after taking a shower i wear my training uniform and prepare to go to the training room.

Knock… Knock… Knock… “Amir, are you awake” (Gilles)

“Yes, are you ready for training?” (Amir)

“Just meet me at the training room” (Gilles)

“Alright, I’m on my way.” (Amir)

I go out of the room and head towards the training room. Arriving there i do some stretching with Gilles before starting with physical training. After that, i trained my swordsmanship and had a little spar with Gilles. I could not land a hit.

After finishing training, i took another shower and wore my School Uniform. Then Gilles drove me to School. Right now I’m in front of the entrance of the school.

“Are you starting today?” (Gilles)

“Starting what?” (Amir)

“To scout for members!” (Gilles)

“Oh! Yes, i plan on asking Adam to help me with that.” (Amir)

“Make sure you finish that part before the graduation ceremony and make sure to pick the right people don’t just choose randomly.” (Gilles)

“I know what I’m doing. See you later!” (Amir)

“Take your time, you always come early anyway” (Gilles)

“That’s not my fault! You’re the one who drives me to school every day, aren’t you?” (Amir)

“Whatever!” (Gilles)

After that little conversation, i go towards the building where the classes are. On the top floor that’s where the principal’s office and Class S are. It’s a nine-story building so there is an elevator and since I’m always one of the first to come the lobby is not that crowded. Even if it was it would not change anything, since we, from Class S, have our own elevator separated from the other ones.

I enter the elevator, which very beautiful by the way and goes all the way to the top floor. As expected, I’m the first to arrive. I go inside the classroom which can at least hold at least one hundred people. I always thought they took too far with the privileges we have entering Class S. You don’t even have to pass any exam, we would ace all of them anyway, but our seats, it looks like the seats you see on the airplanes but in the First class Side.

Anyway, i enter and take my seat, as usual, waiting for everyone to arrive. Adam is the third one among the five to arrive, when he arrived he came and sat to the seat next to me.

“What’s up? I’ve seen your message yesterday” (Adam)

“Why didn’t you answer then?” (Amir)

“I did! Didn’t you see it?” (Adam) i take out my phone to check it out and that’s true he did reply but at that time i was already asleep

“My fault! I was already asleep when you answered” (Amir)

“Why do you always sleep so early? Looking like an old man in his eighties. I bet even Gilles doesn’t sleep as early as you do, old man looking ahh boi!” (Adam)

“Cut it out, man! We got some important things to do” (Amir)

“What’s up?” (Adam)

“Raina gave me a test yesterday!” (Amir)

“Big sis Raina gave you a test? What is it?” (Adam)

“She told me to find a group of five people and raise them to D-rank in six mouths” (Amir)

“Wow! That’s harsh! And she knows you’re anti-social so What’s the catch?” (Adam)

“A sword she personally made for me” (Amir)

“****! She really doesn’t want you to get that sword.” (Adam)

“Man just tells me, are you with me or no?” (Amir)

“You know I’m with it!” (Adam)

“Cool! Now we only have three people left. Let’s regroup later after class and talk about it” (Amir)

“Alright, the teacher is coming anyway” (Adam)

The class started and the teacher started to talk about the responsibilities of a Champion. Since all of us are from Great Families we certainly know that so he was just talking about it to pass time. This is General Knowledge class, he is the only teacher still coming to class. All if they stopped coming since they finished their programs.

Since we have no class, we just wander around the school until it’s time to leave. The class soon finished and Adam and i went to the Cafeteria to eat something and discuss the matter in hand.

Arriving at the cafeteria, we see four different areas. One is the most populated one and is for Class G to D and the other ones are for respectively C, B, A, and S. The food also varies depending on the class, i think that’s a great plan. This will make others feel infuriated and make them work harder to advance into the higher classes. That is if they are optimistic. If they’re not, they would just blame it on society.

The two of us make our way to the S class lounge, order some food and start discussing the situation.

“If you just want a team, you can just stand up and announce it loudly, everyone would want to join. But if you want a team team, a group of elites, you will need to take your time and pick carefully” (Adam)

“That’s what i was thinking. Yesterday i made a list of all the people that I’m interested in.” (Amir)

“That’s cool and all but you need to the positions first. You are a Swordsman so you will be in the frontlines. I am a battle mage so i will be in the middle helping both sides and keep the balance. Those two positions are already taken” (Adam)

“So now we need a speel mage specialized in healing magic, a long-range damage dealer and a tank” (Amir)

“That’s it, so narrow the list and leave only those that have the [Scar] of light” (Adam)

“Do you mean that we will only focus on finding a healer?” (Amir)

“Yes, for now, since it is the rarest one among all the [Scars] we will deal with it first” (Adam)

“As expected of someone from the Scott household” (Amir)

“Don’t compare to them!” (Adam)

I’m not flattering him, the Scott household is known for their intelligence. They are great strategists and most of them are battlemages, which are known as being the core of a team. If the Battlemage is trash, the team won’t have any synergy and no matter what strategy they use it won’t work. It is also more applicable in small teams like the one we will build.

The Scott household is also all known for looking like villains. I’m not even playing right now. They all have glasses on and always look they are plotting something. But they are good-willed people, to us at least i don’t know for the others. My grandpa and the head of the household were best friends so the two families have a pretty intimate relationship. Especially they were the only ones who helped us when my parents and my grandpa died and we ended up in the streets.

They even asked us to come live inside of their house but my big sis refused to say that she doesn’t want to owe anyone a favor. But they still helped her by buying some gates for her to clear. Thinking about the Scotts,

“How is your grandfather doing?”

“He seems to be fine, he has been doing good lately”

“I hope that he’ll recover soon”

“He’s already 118 years old but can still move around like he’s in his sixties. That always ticks me”

“What do you expect from a retired S+ rank Champion?”

“Let’s talking about that! We have a situation to solve here, stay focused man!”

“****, chill out! I see that you’re pretty interested in this raid group thing, ain’t you” (Amir)

“Of course I’m, I’ve been thinking of doing something like this after we graduate so i support this idea to the fullest. Plus I’ll help my best friend by doing it so of course I’m gonna be serious” (Adam)

“Don’t get sentimental here, you know i don’t like that atmosphere” (Amir)

“Yea! Yea! I know! Now we need to search for someone with the Light [Scar] and who is specialized in healing magic” (Adam)

“Yes, we need to start today. We have six hours until school ends” (Amir)

“Yes, i know… Wait… Why are we even searching for spell mage with the light [Scar] when we have one in our class” (Adam)

“Who? In our class… Do you mean Zia? Compared to the others she’s cool and all that but i don’t think that she’ll accept” (Amir)

“Never mind that, i have a plan!” (Adam)

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