Honor of the Tiger

By @King_Otaku_Nd101

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A Group of Five???

What do you think about life?

No, first let’s define what life is. Going by the scientific definition, Life is the aspect of existence that processes, acts, reacts, evaluates, and evolves through growth (reproduction and metabolism). The crucial difference between life and non-life (or non-living things) is that life uses energy for physical and conscious development. Life is anything that grows and eventually dies.

That’s a fact, life is everything that grows and dies. Now let’s talk about my life, first.

My name is Amir Aldric, I’m 15 years old and I’m a senior at School. This year will be the last one. I know that some of you are surprised by that, you must be like “How can a 15 years old teenager be a senior” well that is the norm on my planet.

Let me explain myself, my planet’s name is Earth. At first, Earth was not like this, it was a great place to live, not the best but still a great one. But one day everything changed. Gates started to appear all over the world and inside those gates resides demons. Along with the gates came some kind of energy named Mana and weird tattoos on the back of everyone’s hand, without exception! That event happened a century ago and has been named as “The Onset” by the humans of that era.

Mana is an energy that is present inside of everyone’s body. If you lack Mana you want to be able to live long. And to become a Champion you must know how to control your Mana through various training and only the Champions can enter the gates.

Champions are divided between ranks, from G to S+ and starting from B-rank there would + and – signals.

Obviously, I’ve never entered any gates. There is a regulation saying that i quote “To enter the gate, said a person must be a Champion and have already graduated from School” end of quote. That rule is mainly why I’ve not entered a gate, yet.

In this world, the stronger you are the most respected you become. Let’s take my big sister for example. If she says something nobody would dare to question her, well except me since I’m her baby brother.

I’m only an E-rank Champion, right now and don’t get me wrong. The amount of Mana you have does not determine your rank, it is your rank that determines your amount of Mana. We will talk about that later.

The funny part of this is that money doesn’t govern the world anymore. My Grandpa always said that in their era, if you didn’t have the money you weren’t anything. But now that money is replaced by Power.

I get it, you can be from a rich family and you can buy all the equipment you want but if you don’t know how to use it or if you don’t even have the power to wield them, then all that money went to dust.

My parents died inside of the gates when i was 5 years old. At that time, i only had my big sister who was 15 years old and my Grandpa who died two years later. We didn’t have any relatives since my Mom and my Dad were both unique children, they did not have any siblings.

So my big sis had to go out of her way and work harder for us to live in good conditions. And all that work paid off, now she is one of the most prominent Champions in the world and our household, which is only the two of us, is one of the most well-known ones in the world.

I’m not trying to boast for her, that’s a fact. And after i finish my exam i will be the one who will make a word for myself in this world.

Let’s come back to the present! I’m currently in front of my house, my own Butler, Giles, a retired A+ rank champion took me home on one of the families car. Giles is an old man in his mid-sixties, he is a Martial Artist and also my personal trainer. He is very likable and also has been loyal to us since my Sister saved him when they were raiding that one S-rank gate that showed up in Canada.

“Amir, don’t you think that you were rude to him?” (Gills)

“No, i just told him that i don’t want to be part of his group” (Amir)

“But the way you said it!”

“Don’t worry about it! Have you already prepared today’s training?”

“Yes, and i told the young lady of your plans after your graduation”

“Why did you do that? You know that she won’t accept that!”

“That’s exactly why i told her! Don’t you think Soloing Gates of the same rank as yours is pretty impossible”

“What did she say then?”

“She won’t allow it unless i come with you”

“Denied then!”

“Just go change yourself and go to the training room, you can talk about that with the young Lady”


I don’t know why Gills was defending that guy. I mean, my school’s name is Hallgawt Academy and it is one of the top three Schools for aspiring Champions. It is divided into different classes from G to S. Class S being for the geniuses, they are only 5 in the entire school and I’m one of them. Today, some guy from Class B asked me to join his raid group, after we graduate he’s going to create his own raid group and asked me to join the group.

I told him no, in the most respectful way i could find, i said: “No, i have other plans”. Is that offensive?. Even the mentioned person was not mad when i said that, he was like “Thanks for not attacking me”. I don’t know why he said, maybe he asked another member of Class S they beat the *** out of him, we never know.

Anyway, i go upstairs, enter my room and change rapidly the go back downstair towards the training where Gilles is waiting for me. Arriving there, i see my big sister, Raina, talking to him. When she noticed me she smiled and said

” Hey Amir, Guess What?” (Raina)

“What?” (Amir)

“I finished making your sword!” (Raina)

“For real! Where is it? Where is it?” (Amir)

“It’s in my storage room, and I’m not giving it to you unless you find your own raid group!” (Raina)

“Wh… What does that mean?” (Amir)

“You have two weeks before your graduation ceremony, right? I’m gonna give you a test!” (Raina)

“What’s the test?” (Amir)

“Gather a group of five people that will be under you and make all of them achieve D-rank in six months, you included!” (Raina)

“In six months? That’s impossible!” (Amir)

“You can say goodbye to your sword then, I’m leaving!” (Raina)

“Raina, wait! Wait! A group of five people, right?” (Amir)

“You can gather more people if you want” (Raina)

“Nah, I’m good! Five is a great number. If i do it you’ll give the sword, right?” (Amir)

“Yup! I wish you good luck” (Raina)

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