By @Perilock


By @Perilock

*WARNING: This story has blood and mild gore, you have been warned* On her walk home, Roksana runs into a famous serial killer, and now she's stuck. Only one person is looking for her and the police believe that she's dead. Now she has to follow the rules set in place for her by her captor.

Chapter 1


I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw him. The famed serial killer, standing over his kill, had made his way to me. I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. He placed his bloody hands on my cheeks.

“I love the ones that cry, I might just have to keep you.”

I freeze up, tears pouring from my eyes. He wiped some of my tears and replaced them with blood. He kissed my forehead and wiped some more tears. He moved his hands down to my neck and slipped a collar around it. He brought me into a hug and pet my head. A thick black ink surrounded us and he pulls me closer to him. We end up in a fancy house full of weapons and blood. Now I know that I’m stuck.

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