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His Rouge

By @HarleyQuinn


Throughout life, you go down a spiraling tunnel of danger, love, and heartbreak. Your a story waiting to be written. But the question is, will you survive?

Living and growing up in a pack is dangerous. You have one shot to make it. If you fail? Your life goes down the drain. Every hope, every dream, every love is thrown aside. You feel lost. Frozen in misery. And you just want help, but no one will. Or could.

The first 15 years of your life? Down the drain. Ya dead. Your life? It sucks. Being a teen is hard. No sarcasm. You have to deal with life and school. For me, I also had to deal with family. If you can deal with them.

But there is something worse. Lets say your being hunted. Your the weak prey that runs. But its hard. Lets say you fell in love. But you couldn’t stay. And then you met someone else. You love him just as much. Maybe more. Then you have to leave. And it keeps happening. Round and round. Like fate doesn’t want you to love. 

Than, uh oh, your world shakes. Your the key to this big prophecy and surrounded by boys. What more can a girl ask for? How about some peace? Your the center of attention 24/7 and boys are going crazy over you. Its not all fun and games.

Love. It’s a mischievous little thing. You feel like you have it, then someone proves you wrong. And most likely it be the betrayal of the one you thought you “loved.” Your heartbroken, depressed, and most likely can’t keep your hands off anything chocolate. And than. . . your over it. Until that one day, when the love bug crawls up and bites you in the ***.

The real question is not, do you love them all, but who do you choose?

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