By @sweetcooki

A trio of best friends, now in college describes their high school life to their professor in the different perspectives. They all became popular when they didn't want to be and this is their story of how high school somewhat outcasts became the center of attention.

Chapter 1


The list was going around in circles but it never landed on me. Everyone had taken out a highlighter except for me. I didn’t even know what it was until the girl next me go it and I peek. It was hot list to see who was hot, not hot, ugly, cute, smash, marry,and everything in between.Let’s just I am not ugly but I am not outstandingly pretty. I’m just in the middle. No acne, but I don’t have a glow to me. My breasts are normal size and growing,my body is perfect to me. I don’t give a **** to what other people say and so I don’t care if I am on it or not because it’s not like I’m highlighted figure around school campus like the cheerleader or the girl athlete or daddy’s princess.I am lay-back, well-known , average kind of girl. You know me but you wouldn’t talk to me to me often. I only have two best friends that I actually talk to. I mean as much I am social I just want a routine without being pulled in different directions. My two besties are Rose, short for Rosemary(hates it if you call her by her full name) and Alexis. I met them in elementary school when I accidentally pushed Rose down the stairs and she pushed me back the next day and a friendship was born. Alexis came in first grade which was good because we need someone to cool both of us down, since we are a bunch of hotties(regret saying that). This was all before and after my name got popular somehow. This is the story of how I got highlighted in high school and how my best friends got dragged into this

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