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Higher Dimensions and Human Origins

By @Frank Sky 2023

1. The Origin of the Universe

There are many galaxies in the universe that are as massive as the Milky Way. Scientists believe that there are more than 300 billion galaxies that are the size of the Milky Way galaxy in our observable universe. Among those “galaxies”, there are many “solar systems”. One day, an alien from Planet X discovered a galaxy, “L-Solar System”, which is 25 million light years away from the planet X. The “L-Solar System” have a sun and eight planets. The discoverer thought that there might be aliens in the galaxy. With astronomical instruments, he found that there did have human beings on the third planet in the galaxy. The discovery led a new research project to study the L-solar system. The project was funded by the astronomical agency of the Planet X. 

The X-aliens observed the L-solar system from the beginning of the universe with a unique time-tracking observer. At the beginning of the universe, the world was chaos, which means that there was only invisible subtle matter at the beginning of the universe. The invisible subtle matter is smaller than the elementary particles in the nucleus of an atom. Some scholars call the invisible matter ‘dark matter and dark energy’, or ‘nothing’, or ‘Qi’, etc. This kind of matter cannot be observed by scientific instruments, but it has its own laws of operation. When the “chaos” or “dark matter and dark energy” gathers at a very tiny point, it explodes into the entire visible universe. The tiny point is called a singularity. The invisible “chaos” or “dark matter and dark energy” is the source of everything in the universe. It exists in all the spaces of the universe and has been keeping the universe running. Scientists have found that 95% of the universe is invisible dark matter and dark energy, and only 5% of the universe is visible. The 5% visible matter make up the entire visible universe. Dark matter and dark energy are everywhere including in the vacuum, so the vacuum is not empty either. 

Many people have the questions: Why is the speed of light constant in our world? Why is there nothing faster than the speed of light? That’s because the first visible matter that came into existence at the beginning of the universe was elementary particles such as photons, neutrinos, and quarks. That means there were lights before there was a visible world of matter. According to electromagnetic theory, the rest mass of photon is zero. Therefore, the photons are the tipping point that the invisible energy world was transformed to the visible material world. Once the speed of light is exceeded, matter becomes a beam of light and then is transformed into a cloud of energy. So, nothing in the material world can go beyond the speed of light. Just like when water is heated to 100 degrees Celsius and then continue to heat it, it will become water vapor and be turned into another form of matter.

Dark matter and dark energy determine the origin, formation, and evolution of galaxies in the universe. In other words, the birth and growth of galaxies today are influenced by dark matter and dark energy. The X-aliens have found that there is the existence of consciousness and spirits in dark matter and dark energy before the birth of the universe. That means that the chaos before the birth of the universe was a huge mass of energy and consciousness. The whole universe was born out of the huge mass of energy and consciousness that is known as God. God is ‘The All’, the sum of all matter, energy, information, consciousness, spirits, and laws of the universe. The God is also called ‘Hao-tian God’ by X-aliens. God is eternal. God’s consciousness dominates all the energy and matter before and after the birth of the universe. 

After the Big Bang, which is after God created the material world, a portion of the consciousness corresponding to the energy of the material world separated from God’s consciousness. Then the material world and a variety of living beings emerged. So, all matter carries consciousness. Every photon carries consciousness, and every piece of matter carries consciousness. Different levels of energy and substances carries different amount of consciousness. The consciousness goes along with living beings is called spirit or soul. The first visible form of living beings consists of light and consciousness, which are called light beings. Before the birth of galaxies, the universe was filled with a huge number of light beings. There are three kinds of light beings: animals of light, plants of light, and human beings of light. With the birth of nebulae, photons decay into electrons and plasma. As plasma and consciousness combined into a life-form, many plasma beings emerged in the universe. Some stars themselves are giant plasma lives. Many smaller plasma beings exist on these stars. There are more life-forms in the universe, such as dark matter beings. Dark matter beings are the combination of dark matter and consciousness/spirits. Most dark matter beings have much higher energy than that of any star system. The dark matter beings are supernatural beings, and they are considered as Supernatural Immortals or Supernatural Gods by the X-aliens. Supernatural Gods take orders directly from God, The All.  

The X-aliens also observed that there is no time and no space at the singularity, the beginning of the universe. After the Big Bang, many multidimensional spaces were created. These multidimensional spaces were superimposed and existed in the same place at the same time. Since different dimensional spaces do not operate at the same speed, it is difficult for the creatures in the lower dimensional spaces to observe and perceive the existence of the higher dimensional spaces. However, creatures in the higher dimensional spaces can easily observe lower dimensional spaces. Just like that in the view of ants, the movements of human beings are as erratically as phantoms. However, human beings can watch ants clearly. After the Big Bang, any dimensional space in the visible material world is a dissipative system, which follows the law of entropy and progressively increases in disorder. The higher dimensional space is, the higher energy the space has, and the slower dissipation of the energy the space has. In higher dimensional spaces, there are more high energy, matter, and essence. There are living beings in each dimensional space. The higher the dimensional space, the higher the spirituality of the creatures in the space, and the greater happiness and the longer lifespan. The X-aliens observed that Hao-tian God resides in the highest dimensional space, and eternally exists. 

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