High school Adventure

By @Allerlierauh
High school Adventure

High schoolers get thrown into a different time and place with a monster

Chapter 1

Have you ever looked back and thought, wow I really shouldn’t have done that? Or, even been doing something and you knew that you should stop what you are doing and leave? For all of my life I’ve been a “star student”, I always go to school and focus on my work. After school I go straight home and do homework. That was my boring life. All of that changed the day we got a new kid his name was Gren. In first class on monday the math teacher introduced him and had him sit next to me. After, the teacher forced him to take his beanie off I could tell he had jet black hair that was shaved on one side. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a black short sleeve shirt with the words Metallica on underneath. He wore ripped up black skinny jeans and combat boots with a red bandana tied around the top of the right boot. Looking back at the first moment I saw him I was shocked. All of the kids in our school were “normal” no one was “alternative”. Throughout that whole week people were whispering about him as he walked past, saying things like “Oh look, here comes the emo fag.” but he would just keep walking, he wouldn’t even stutter. Although that might have been that he couldn’t hear them because of the headphone in his ear. Needless to say I envied him. I was the nerdy kid of the school with no life who got bullied about it all the time.

Looking back I don’t really know how it happened but in that math class we became friends. We would compare our answers, pass notes, judge the guys on if Jeremy could take them in a fight and, since we are boys, rate the girls from one to ten. One day I was at my locker getting my Physical Science textbook when all of a sudden the books in my hand were on the floor. As I turned to see who slapped them out of my hands I see Boreas, the head basketball player. The kid was my age but was six foot two while I was only five foot eight. Right when I turned and saw him a smile began to grown on his acne covered face. “Hey midget, how’s it hanging?” he said putting his arm over my right shoulder on the locker behind me.

“Fine, and you Boreas?” I replied, trying to stick to my manners while stepping back to create some space between us. My back struck the door to my open locker and was stabbing me in the back but I didn’t want to flinch in fear I would once again end up in my locker. At this point if it happened again I’m pretty sure the teachers would just leave me in there.

“Well I’m honkey-dory, thanks for asking.” he said while his large smile grew even larger. It was then that his gorilla hands grabbed the collar of my red flannel. Instinctively I grabbed his wrists to try to lessen the tension on my throat as he lifted me into the air and slammed my back into the open locker door. After my back made contact with the door Jeremy leaned in close to me and said “I hope your little emo friend will come and try to save you so I can have to pleasure of squeezing you both in there.”

“Put him down Boreas, or hurry up and put him in the locker. Don’t torture the kid.” we both turned out heads toward the sound and saw it was Mr. Wind, a math teacher who has never been fond of me. I probably didn’t help my case when I had his class last trimester and I corrected his math on four problems in one day. After hearing that jeremy slowly turned to face me and said “You heard the man” then I was forced into the cramped space and encased in darkness. After a few minutes had passed the bell had rung and my arms were already getting numb I started to hear a jingling in the lock. Then the door was open and Gren was kneeling on the ground smiling at me. He stood up and began to put a skinny piece of metal that was about four inches long into a case that resembled a glasses case. Inside there were other skinny pieces of metal all with slightly different tips. It was then I realised I was a lock picking case. Gren knelt down again and put the lock picking case in his backpack. When he stood up with the backpack on, he grabbed my wrist and said “C’mon”. Before he could drag me down the hallway I was able to put my bag on. When we passed our math class I asked “Where are we going?” He didn’t respond, he just kept dragging me down the hallway. We turned a left and he finally let go of my wrist allowing me to walk next to him. He wouldn’t look at me, he just kept looking straight with a determined look on his face. He then turned a right and I followed, we were headed straight for the entrance door at the front of the school. I quickened my pace to be a little in front of him, turned and grabbed his left shoulder with my right hand and said “What are you doing we can’t leave school.”

“Why not?”


“Do you really want to put up with that for the rest of your school life? Think about it we are only sophomores, we’re going to be in this god forsaken place for 3 more years.” I didn’t know what to stay so I let go of his shoulder and scratched the back of my neck, I always do that when I’m nervous, and started to stare at the ground. “C’mon Bigby, I have a plan.”

“What kind of plan?”

“One that will work.”

“Work how?”

“You ask too many questions,” he said as regained his grip on my wrist and continued to lead me toward the outside world. I decided that I agreed with what he said. I couldn’t keep being the victim for the rest of my life, eventually I’d have to stand up for myself.

As we walk out of the school we were blinded by the late spring sun shine. The sun was the highest in the sky that it would be all day. We walked down the driveway side by side. It was odd, no one noticed we left. We just walk out the front doors of the building and strolled down the driveway. When we reached the road we turned right on the road, it was then that I brought up the questions that had been burning a hole in brain, “So, are you gonna tell me this master plan or is it a surprise?” After asking my question I glance over at him and he has a grin spreading across his face. “Master plan, huh. I never thought I would be smart enough to come up with a master plan.”

“You know what I mean.” I said playfully punching him in the arm.

“Ok, ok, ya I’ve got a plan. But I wouldn’t call it a master plan. Earier today Boreas was talking to his buddies while I was reading and I overheard them planning to break into the school tonight.”

“Wait, really? Why?”

“They said something about having it be the schools fault they lost in Leagues because they didn’t hire a better coach so they’re planning the tag and get revenge or something along those lines.”

“Wait, how does this help us?”

“Easy. We follow them and add a little flair to their fire.”

“What’s that supposed to mean.”

“We punk them genius.” It was then that we crossed the road and walked up a driveway. Thinking the worst. And I always do. I asked “Is this your house?” He took keys out of his pocket and jokingly said “Nah dude, we’re gonna break into this house and start a cult where we sacrifice cats to Satan and rock out to metal music with the spirit of Hitler.”

“Shut up” I said pushing him inside the now open door. “So, I take it as your parents aren’t here.”

“Correctomundo.” he said as he walked through the kitchen. I followed him through the house and it seemed that Gren really was nothing like his parents. The walls of each room were light shades of yellow, blue, and pink. So light that they were almost white. The floors were mostly hardwood except in the kitchen where there was white tile. We took a left and went into the foyer with a staircase that made a ninety degree turn to the left half way up. At the base of the stairs there was this old tree trunk table that had a crack in it almost reaching the center of the table. At the top of the staircase we took a right down the hallways and we entered the last door on the right. Right when he opened the door I could tell it was his room. The walls were bright red. The carpet, trim work, and curtains were black. In the far left back corner was his bed. On his bed there was a comforter that had skulls printed on it and Black pillows. In the far back right corner was a black drum set with heads that resembled stained glass windows. Next to Grens bed there was a guitar that was dark purple, dark blue and black. After looking around I stated “I take it as your theme is black.”

“Ha ha very funny. Anyways this is what I got. Tonight they’re going to the school to get ‘revenge’ even though it’s their own fault they suck and we follow and scare the **** out of them.”

“They’ll be able to see us, then we will both get shoved in lockers.”

“You really think those guys know how to turn on the school lights? Boreas failed three of his five classes last trimester.”

“True, but how are we going to scare them? Or have you not thought of that oh wise one?”

“Don’t worry my student, I’ve got some things we can use.” as he said this, a smirk began to grow on his face.

After a few hours had passed of us hanging out and gathering our supplies for later that night we started our walk to the school. Gren had made me change so I would blend in with the shadows. Now I was wearing a pair of his black skinny jeans along with a black My Chemical Romance T-shirt and a black zip up sweatshirt. He also gave me a black beanie the cover my auburn hair. After I finished changing he told me that I would make a good alternative. As we were walking down the street toward the school only two cars passed us. “If we get hit, I’m haunting you.” I said.

“What, why?”

“Because we’re dressing in all black at night walking down a road.”

“If we get hit how do you know you’ll die? Huh what if neither of us die?”

“I’ll worry about it then” I responded, earning a laugh from him. We took a left and began to walk up the school driveway. We didn’t talk as we walked, but it wasn’t an awkward silence like it usually is when you are silent with another person. It wasn’t perfectly silent, we could hear cars driving on the pavement in the distance and every so often we could hear an owl hoot. As we approached the school the sounds of a conversation grew louder. At the top of the hill as looked down at the parking lot we saw a big black jacked up truck parked under one of the light polls. In the bed of the truck was Mary, Boreas’ girlfriend, and Boreas himself. Standing at the back of the truck was Jersey, his hands were on the down tailgate and he was leaning forward. Jack was standing on the drivers side of the bed while Cole was standing on the passengers side. When we first saw them we ran over to the brick wall of the school away from the lights. We were awkwardly walking sideways with our backs on the wall and moving our right leg over our left. When we were about 60 feet from the truck we were able to understand what they were saying. We were also able to make out that Jersey was smoking and all four of them were drinking. “So what’s our plan Boreas?” Jersey said obviously aggravated with that fact that it was now 9:20 and they still haven’t even entered the school.

“Fine, let’s get to it then.” Boreas said, annoyed with the fact that he had to take his arm away from Mary. Boreas and Mary stood up in the bed of the jacked up truck. Boreas jumped off the tail gate then turned around. He grabbed Marys hips while she put her hands on his shoulders and he guided her safely to the ground. Mary was wearing six inch stilettos with a short leather skin tight skirt and a black and lavender crop top. Jersey was wearing nike sneakers, blue jeans and a grey t-shirt. Jack was wearing a white zip up sweatshirt, a green shirt, blue jeans and white converse. Boreas wore his State Champs jacket with a white wife beater, black jeans and black sneakers. Once Mary was down from the bed they began walking toward the school. Jersey carried spray paint and stencils while Jack carried the case of beer and Boreas strung his arm back around Mary. It was Jack who was the designated lock picker. Probably because he had gone to jouvay multiple time for robbery. It took him a little over ten seconds to get the lock open. He then stood up, swung the door open and said “Voila.”

“Dork” Jersey stated as he walked into the building.

“Hey this dork just got you in the building. And how am I a dork?” He asked raising his voice so Jersey could hear him. After Jack had picked the lock and the four of them were inside Gren jogged toward the door and was able to jam his foot between the frame and door before it had time to close. We could over hear them talking as they began walking toward the gym.

“Hey, we just broke into a building, stop screaming.” Mary said over her shoulder to Jack.

“I’m not screaming, and you should be nicer Bloody Mary.” once the words had left his mouth Mary reached into her skirt and pulled out her switchblade. “No, you should keep that mouth shut unless you want to be next.” Mary said evilly, while she pointed the blade and Jacks neck. Even though Mary looks like a cheerleader you can throw around if you want to, she wasn’t. She had a temper fiercer than a forest fire and she has been in a couple of fights, where she was able to save her own skin. Her nickname is Bloody Mary because during some of the fights she would grab the neck of her beer bottle and smash it on her opponents head. Then if the guy was still conscious Mary would use the bottle like her switchblade and slice him up. Due to the alcohol in his system and the blow to his head he wouldn’t have fast enough reflexes to protect himself. The other times that she did have her knife on her, well, they would end up worse.

“C’mon babe, and Jack next time I’ll let her. So take some advice and grow a brain.” Boreas said as he pulled Mary away from her potential victim. Gren and I followed as they made their way to the gymnasium. We kept about 20 feet in between us so if they did turn around the shadows would conceal us. We were walking like how you do in stealth games, with you back parallel to the ground and your legs are bent. When they reached to doors to the gym Boreas spoke up breaking Jack and Jerseys conversation about how hot the substitute teacher for Mr. Blavavic, their history teacher, was.

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