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Hiding In The Dark

By @ChristyWar16

Home Invasion

The entire house was quiet, the hard wood floor was cold and the wind outside moved the trees against the building. The lights were dead and faint smell of the ashes of the cigarette bowl. A sound of breathing came from the couch, a girl sitting on the black piece of furniture and staring at several bottles of pills on the coffee table. Her large deep green eyes glanced between the pills and the window. Her hands shook silently in her lap, her legs crossed tight in front of her. Her hair put into side braids, laying against her chest. Her head lowered to look at her hands and she sighed, choosing what to do. She had waited until her dad was out of the house before getting them out. She put her right hand on her shoulder, bruises covered her back and she winced at the pain. Her jaw tightened and she slowly uncrossed her legs, putting her left foot on the ice cold floor.

She leaned foreword and grabbed the medication. She brought it back to herself and held it in front of her chest, deciding whether to take her own life or not. Her hand slowly pushed down on the lid and turned, unscrewing the “child-save lock”. She poured a handful of pills into her right hand and stared at the pasty white capsules. She closed her eyes and brought her hand up to her mouth, about to pop them. The front door handle unlocked. Her eyes shot open and she whipped her head towards the door. She stared and waited, not knowing who or what was about to come in. She dropped the pills onto the floor as well as the bottle, spilling the rest. She ducked down and laid against the back couch cushions.

The front door opened slowly, the hinges creaking as the wooden door swung and a pair of footsteps followed the sounds. One person had come in and walked further into the house, another followed and another. Three people had entered the house. Whispers came and went as they moved about, a shattering sound came from the kitchen. It sounded like dad’s China dishes he had from his mom. One yelled at the others, “Hurry up! Johnny and his ****** daughter will be home soon!” He yelled, his voice sounded harsh like he had been smoking a pack of cigarettes before he came to her home. She shook against the couch, her phone laid besides her and the screen lit up. Chiming sounds came from her phone, she fumbled around nervously to turn it off. Her fingers slid across the glass and finally turned off the ringing.

The voices stopped and she panicked, her eyes went wide as footsteps came closer in her direction. Her insides knotted and her hands shook, not knowing what was about to happen to her. The footsteps stopped and the couch shook, hands grabbed her from above. Grabbing her sides and covering her mouth, pulling her over the back of the sofa. She screamed as she was brought over the sofa. One man brought Gorilla tape over and ripped a piece off, applying it over her mouth. She stopped screaming but she struggled against the man her hand her in his grasp. The two stood in front of her and talked to each other while she was being held by the third invader. He held her off the ground and brought her towards the wall, pushing her against it. Grabbing her hands and bringing them behind her, tying something around her wrists.

He let go and she stumbled back, landing on her rear end. The men were staring at her and she glared at them. One grinned and raised an eyebrow, his messy blonde hair covered his forehead and his blue eyes were electric like. The second was turning away, not interested but she caught a glance of his army cut hair and green eyes. The third stepped forward and squatted down, coming to her level. He smiled and his white teeth sparkled somehow. His hair was buzzed on the sides and smokey white, longer on the top. He placed his hand on her shoulder and she yelped, he half smiled, “You don’t need to be afraid, we’re just finding something precious of your daddy’s.” The other two began to laugh and he continued, “We did. Since he took something special to us and abused it, we’re taking something to replace it.” Her eyes went wide and she stared at him. He squeezed her shoulder slightly, “You’re ours now, pretty girl.”

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