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Hiding in Polaris

By @SodaRamling

Chapter One : Introduction

It was a calm morning, and the sun had just peeked over the horizon and lit up the square-shaped room. Sunrays combed around the furniture and items scattered around, bringing a light glow into the room. A medium-sized set of drawers sat against the wall with a few items littered on the surface, a couple of the drawers were ajar showing the few clothes sitting inside of them. Turning to face the door there is a shelf with two picture frames sitting on it collecting dust, the one with a dark lavender frame, had cracks in the glass while the red one sat proudly on the wood. There was a desk leaning into the farthest right corner of the room, in between it and the drawers was a lively plant with blue flowers wilting on it, it was September thus the end of their blooming season. The bed that was tucked into the farthest left corner of the room, was laid atop the floor with no frame. A light cyan blanket rested messily on the mattress, a mound under it showing the bareness of the bed below it. Near the edge of the blanket, a star-shaped yellow rug hugged the carpet below it. After lovingly staying with it for years, the fibers under the rug were a more vibrant color than the dull carpet that covered the rest of the room.

Suddenly a song noisily interrupted the faint birds outside and the soft buzz of the home’s air conditioning. Movement stirred under the blanket groaning aloud and tiredly grabbing the vibrating phone next to it. The song abruptly stopped and the mound under the blanket rolled off of the bed, yawning tiredly and groaning again. The Ginger teen stretched causing their shirt to pull up exposing their tan freckled skin to the cold air in the room. Their red panda tail waved back and forth, waking itself and the teen’s fluffy round white ears that sat at the top of their medium-length ginger hair. They rubbed their eyes open, their blue pupils adding a splash of color to shine on their black scleras scanning the room and landing on the drawers. The 5’3 teen wobbled over to the drawers and lazily leaned against it. They leaned over to grab a familiar blue hoodie,  its sleeves had a single thick white stripe on the upper arm near the shoulder, a matching white hoodie pocket on the lower half of it and a light blue Spade on the chest, it was the same color as their eyes. The fabric below the white was black and the hood of the clothing item was the same color. They threw it on and smoothed it down over their flat chest. They adjusted the crotch of their upper thigh-length black shorts giving space to the organ under it. He scratched at his leg before grabbing socks and traveling over to the entrance of the room.  Quickly He put on two upper calf-length boots and then turned the knob of the door.

“Oh good, you’re awake, Piper.” He said to the child in front of him.

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