Hiding from the dark

By @purplefunnyamy
Hiding from the dark

Alex had only been back in Darkwood for a year until she was roped into the Silver Demons drama. Who are the Silver Demons? Just the people you want to avoid. But Alex is finding it harder and harder to do that. Her past keeps threatening to return.

Chapter 8

chapter eight - Attached

I smiled as I walked to my lecture, ignoring what had happened with Slade. I wasn’t going to tell anyone about him so I should be fine. I had found my best friend. Not that I was looking for her of course. But it felt so good to have talked with her. To know she was ok.

I hoped up the stairs, looking forward to my lecture. This time I was getting into the lecture hall twenty minutes early, not wanting to have to go through the same situation of having to sit next to Daniel and Noah. They made me lose all concentration I had on the teacher. And scared me half to death.

When reaching the door I looked around the lecture hall, seeing how many seats where free. There were more people in the hall than I expected but there were still seats near the front so I couldn’t complain. I climbed up the side stair case, stopping at around the sixth bench to perch myself at the end of it. I looked inside my bag, about to pull out the chemistry book I’d been reading when I realised it was still at the library. I had been so distracted by Slade that I’d completely forgotten to take it out. Darn.

I huffed impatiently as I held my bag to my chest, waiting for the lecture to start. Great, I had fifteen minutes to spare. I opened the zip up protected pocket in my bag, revealing my dull phone. It slipped out as I placed it into my hands, switching it on so the bright light shone from it. Creasing my eyebrows I looked on my phone to see I had a message from an unknown number. I unlocked my phone, going to read the message. I scanned my eyes over the message, feeling my stomach lurch. “Remember our little agreement Ruby. No spreading secrets. Not even to best friends” That’s what the message said. My eyes stayed glued to the phone as I sat hunched over it. It was Slade. I was sure of it. But considering the coincidence between what he said about best friends I assume he knew I had been talking to Jennifer. And this could only mean one thing. He was attached.

As I explained before, gold darks can control any light they come across. Though they don’t have as much power to do so with any light they meet. It’s like they only have that little bit more power over the lights. However, every gold dark gets to choose a light who will be theirs until either one dies. Meaning they become attached. Slade had chosen me. Gold darks have the same advantages over their light as the silver darks do, only they have one added feature. They have a homing device which allows them to see their light whenever they want. He can watch me at any moment he wants. When I’m talking to friends. When I’m sleeping. When I’m in the shower. And all it takes as a quick thought to the mind for them to be able to see their light. Now I possess a gold dark and two silver darks. Just great.

I have control over them to, don’t forget that. But they’ve trained to become powerful creatures of the night. They’ve learnt to adapt more to the light of the day. Leaving me with only various moments of the day when I over rule them. And having three darks against one light isn’t very promising for the light. This is going to be harder than I thought. At least only the gold dark knows who I am. Not who I used to be. The other two know no better. They don’t even know Ruby exists. And I will like to keep it that way.

“Hey.” Daniel waved in an over exaggerated manner as he let himself flop down next to me. Frantically I held my phone to my chest, switching it off. “Wow, are you hiding some boyfriend or something?” He laughed at his joke. I laughed awkwardly, not moving my position. He had no idea what things I was hiding. Things he’ll never know.

I cleared my throat as I slipped the phone back into my bag, making sure to zip the pocket back up straight away.

“Why are you sitting near the front?” I asked as I looked around the room. “Next to me?” I continued, not looking him in the eyes as I continued to scan the room.

“You looked lonely.” He smirked at me. I gave him a half smile, unsure.

“Where’s Noah?” I questioned, expecting them both to be together. To be honest, I’d never seen any of them by themselves in University. Ever.

“He didn’t come in today. Apparently he has some mad hangover.” He said as he shook his head at his friend, looking away for a second.

“Right.” I agreed. Noah had driven me to school today yet he didn’t come into school. Should I be happy about that or annoyed? Did he get into an accident on the drive home? Oh God was he ok? Wait. Why was I worrying? I should be the one standing there waving goodbye to him as he disappear forever. No, the only reason I was worrying was because it was my fault he had driven me to school. I should have declined his offer. Or stolen his car keys so he couldn’t take the car home.

“You doing anything after school?” Daniel asked as he leaned backwards in his chair, verging on reaching the seat behind him, not caring about the star struck girl sitting behind him.

“Why?” I asked, pulling out my note book as we only had a minute before the lecture was supposed to start.

“Just was wondering if you wanted to hang out. Yesterday was fun, you know?” He tried to say casually, his black hair glistening attractively in the glowing lights above. I scoffed at the statement as I searched through my bag, trying to find a pen.

“What?” He asked with a playful smile as he leaned back forward in his chair. When he did so, I noticed the girl behind him. Her face dropped as she turned to glare at me instead. I raised my eyebrow at her as I turned back to look towards Daniel.

“You spent the whole evening drinking.” I laughed. I hadn’t done anything but sit awkwardly next to the drunk Brandon who had an arm slung over my shoulder as all the boys laughed drunkenly.

“Yeah. But it was different.” He replied in a childish voice as he huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

“How is it different?” I asked him, intrigued in his answer. Was it only for the sake that there was a girl in the room?

“There was less shouting and it just seemed more… comfortable.” Maybe it was more comfortable for him but certainly not me. The whole evening I felt on edge sitting next to Brandon who has been notoriously known as a pervert. A scary one at that.

“So can you come round tonight?” He pleaded, holding his hands out in a begging motion. I shook my head at him as the teacher came in.

“Please.” He continued, whispering in my ear.

“No.” I whispered sternly back, not turning to look at him as I tried to stay concentrated on the teacher who from what I could tell was explaining something.

“Why not?” He moaned as he let his arms drop to his sides dramatically.

“I’m meeting with an old friend.” I smiled remembering Jennifer. God it was going to be hard explaining all of this to her.

“Can’t you meet them another time?” He continued. I rolled my eyes at him, deciding to ignore him.

“Is Brandon the problem? If he is we can all go somewhere else. Just say it and then we can go somewhere else.” He tried again. I still didn’t look back at him, causing him to get annoyed.

“Look. Just take the girl behind you. She’s pretty. An upgrade to me.” I shot at him, my hair flicking round to cover my scar more than before. Daniel turned to look at the girl behind him. I flicked my eyes to look her way, not turning my head to give any indication of me spying.

The girl instantly stopped glaring at me as she saw Daniel turn to look at her. He pulled a disgusted face as he turned his head back to look at me. The girl mopped, seeing Daniels face.

“Why would you say she’s pretty?” He asked in a whisper, though the girl still heard as she looked shocked. I guess no one has ever told her she’s not all that. She was pretty but not perfect. But as ever, no one’s perfect. So she shouldn’t be offended. In fact, I was offended that she thought she was all that. But anyway.

I glared at Daniel for his rudeness. This was just making the girl behind us hate me even more.

“What? She has no ***** or anything.” He said in a duh tone. I hit him with my notebook. How rude could he get? Sorry, I forgot he was a silver dark. An idiot silver dark at that.

Guess what happened next? The girl continued to glare at me, like I’d called her ugly. Excuse me? That was Daniel, the boy you’re madly in love with.

“Look. I’m not coming today and there’s nothing you can do to make me come.” I told him in a serious tone, staring him straight in the eye as I waited for him to admit defeat.

“Not today?” He questioned, finally getting it in his head what I was saying.

“No.” I sighed as he finally got it.

“So what about tomorrow?” He grinned at me. I literally used my notebook to hit my head.

“Fine, fine. Tomorrow.” I agreed, now fed up with this.

“Ye.”’ He cheered as he pulled his fist down in happiness. I relaxed as I turned to face the front, still feeling the girls’ hot glare on my back.

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