Hiding from the dark

By @purplefunnyamy
Hiding from the dark

Alex had only been back in Darkwood for a year until she was roped into the Silver Demons drama. Who are the Silver Demons? Just the people you want to avoid. But Alex is finding it harder and harder to do that. Her past keeps threatening to return.

Chapter 6

chapter six - Gold darks

“Oh my gosh. Did he actually ask for a kiss?” Kelly squealed excitedly. I had told her the whole story of what happened, obviously taking out the part when Noah broke the kitchen lights.

“Yeah, I guess.” I shrugged my shoulders, not sure why it was such a big deal. He was a player for God’s sake and had instantly thought that we’d slept together because he was in my room.

“So that’s who your crush is.” She smiled sneakily. My eyes widened in shock that she’d think such a thing.

“No. I absolutely hate him.” I spoke harshly. Kelly gave me a questioning look, not believing me for a second. I flipped her of, looking down to continue eating my pasta bake which stood in front of me.

“Come on. You got to at least admit that he’s cute.” She continued, looking over at Noah on the other side of the lunch hall. I turned around myself to look at him. He was laughing with Daniel, his jacket rising up as he tried to talk. I couldn’t say he wasn’t cute. Not with those long black locks of hair which curled at the ends. His brown eyes glinted as he showed pure joy. Then those enticing eyes rested on me. He smirked from across the room, waving to me. Daniel turned to see who Noah was waving at and noticed me as well. He hopped onto one leg as he frantically waved at me, looking like a total loon. Some people turned to stare at me, wondering why boys like them were waving at a girl like me. I quickly flipped my head around, feeling myself blush to no end. I stuffed a mouthful of pasta into my mouth as I started to stand up, gathering my rubbish together.

“Hey, where are you going?” Kelly asked, taking a hold of her own dinner as she stood up, awaiting my next move.

“I need to go study in the library. You coming or will I see you later?” I asked her as we walked over to the corner of the room where I threw my leftover pasta bake in the bin.

“I need to go ask Harriet about our English but we’ll walk home today, right?” She asked as I stopped by my locker, pulling out the chemistry book I still had yet to return to the library.

“Sure.” I replied as she waved goodbye, running back into the lunch hall. I guess I was going to be alone in the library, again. I hope they’ve got the electricity going again so we can actually use the room.

I took my time in going up the marble steps towards the library, hugging the textbook to my chest. I still had another two hours before my next two lectures. I had no need to rush. And I was sort of worrying what I was going to do about the chemistry book. Do I just place it back on the shelf? Or do I have to go to the front desk to return it? Well, I doubt they would know that one book was missing for only under twenty four hours.

When I got to the top of the stair case I wondered down the long corridor, passing the students holding books which were piled high in their arms. I guess the library was open again. I took in a breath before pushing open the glass door. I was surprised to see a few heads turn and look my way, a few starting to whisper. I felt a little light headed, not used to being noticed and not knowing what to do. I somehow forced my legs to walk down the rows of books towards my normal corner. I took a seat on the wooden chair, finally starting to feel relaxed, not hearing anything But the occasional slight tap of fingers going over the keys by the computer section. Setting the book on the table I started reading over it. After all, I did have a chemistry lecture next.

I sat there for about an hour before I heard someone come down the bookshelves.

“Ah, so that’s where the chemistry book went.” Someone said from behind me, right next to my shoulder. In surprise I slammed the book shut and looked behind me to see a boy leaning over my chair.

“I swear I didn’t steal it. I just kind of took it with me by accident. And that was because of-” I babbled on before the boy cut in.

“Calm down. I’m not the library police.” He chuckled. I took a breath of relief as he swung his leg around the chair opposite me and took a seat.

“Slade.” He said politely, leaning over the table to offer me his hand.

“Ruby.” I said, smiling as I gave him my own hand. Looking at him now I could see his pure blonde hair, showered in a sprinkle of water droplets. I turned my head to look out of the window, seeing the rain fall behind me. I guess it was going to be a wet day today.

“What’s with the stress over the book?” He asked me, looking down towards it.

“Oh, I kind of accidentally took it home with me. Only for one day though!” I stressed the last sentence with a pointed finger, making it clear I wasn’t a thief.

“What kind of “Accident?”” He asked, making quotation marks with his fingers.

“Well, let’s just say the library’s electricity cut out and I ran out of here.” I said, laughing a little. That was the gist of it, right?

“Right.” He laughed, leaning back in his chair. He rested his hands behind his head, looking like he felt comfortable in the position he was in.

“How did you even know the book was missing?” I asked, hopping that it wasn’t an original copy of some sort and that I could be in big trouble for it.

“Oh, I come in here every day to read and I’m trying to finish it. When I came in here this morning it was gone.” He replied, moving his arms in front of him, entwining his fingers with each other.

“Why don’t you just borrow the book?” I joked. It would make much more sense and then if someone took it out he wouldn’t have to wait a month before he could carry on reading it.

“Only students are allowed to borrow the books here.” He replied as he turned the chemistry book around so he could start reading it. I gave him a confused look, creasing my eyebrows. He looked like the age of a student. I knew for a fact that the University only employs people over thirty to work at the University. Yes, people over eighteen can work at the coffee place but the workers can only go to certain places on the campus and the library doesn’t isn’t one of them.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.” He looked up from the book, crossing his arms over himself.

“I don’t attend the University.” He told me simply. I sat starring at him, waiting for an explanation. I didn’t know whether to laugh at the possibility of it being a joke or not. It had to be a joke, right?

He leant forward in his chair, taking his time over it. He didn’t stop until his mouth was right by my ear, his breath fanning my face. My heart beat sped, awaiting what his reason was going to be.

“I break in.” He whispered lightly. I sat utterly still, unsure of what I should do next. Should I tell someone? Should I laugh? Should I just straight up run? He leant back in his chair, a grin spread across his face. I parted my lips, trying to think of how to reply. I closed them again, knowing it would take me a moment to know what to say.

“Is this a joke?” I asked, only hoping it was.

“Nope.” He said, popping the p. Right. Now what do I do? Do I just sit here like an idiot and pretend he didn’t just tell me he breaks into the University library?

“Why?” I asked him, not sure of what else to say.

“It’s interesting to see what the professors keep in their desks, you know? And look at the reports of the people you need to find. Mess things up a little.” That’s when I saw the glint in his eyes. The wrong type of glint. I instantly knew exactly what he was. A dark. But not a silver dark like the four silver Demons. He was a gold dark. The ones with the glistening blonde hair. The ones who control all lights, like me. Looking down to his hand I saw the permanent black ring of flowers which swirled around his fingers. That was clarification. Not a silver dark. A gold dark.

He laughed at my fearful face. “Don’t worry, you keep my secret, I keep yours.” He said with a gleeful smile on his face. What did he mean by my secret? What did he know?

He pulled himself out of his seat as I sat with a look of horror on my face, trying to work out what it was that he knew. Did he mean about me being a light? He stepped behind me, causing chills to cascade down my back.

“See you around angel.” He whispered, placing his hand on my shoulder, right where my glowing mark was. He knew. I was shore of it. He even basically gave me a nickname for it.

When I turned I saw him pulling his hand out towards the window. There was a sudden crack as the glass caved in, it shattering all over the floor. I didn’t even budge as glass passed me, nearly scratching my face. He gave me one last laugh before taking a step backwards, falling out into the pouring rain. I stood up, walking over to the frame of the window, looking out into the raining sky. He was gone, like the wind, leaving a trail of falling glass after him. I could just about make out the faint outline of the black winged creature. Slade in his natural dark form.

Stupid gold darks messing up my hiding. I couldn’t help but wonder if he knew what I was as soon as he saw me. If he only talked to me to play. To change things around.

It was a renowned fact amongst us that silver darks hated the gold darks. Maybe it was for the craving of power. Though silver darks were powerful, they could only control one light and in that they must share. That sharing long forgotten now though. But the gold darks have unspeakable power. They hide their powers, only showing it to the ones they know to be like us. Meaning people like me and Noah. Although I wouldn’t exactly call us people. But they have the tendency to mess things up. Not always in the ways they once wanted. Never trust a gold dark. It will only mess with your head. Now I have to trust he doesn’t tell anyone my secret. I have no power over him. The only thing I know is what he is and his name. But if I tell someone, I’m a goner. I guess I have to keep my lips shut if I want to finish University without being found.

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