Hiding from the dark

By @purplefunnyamy
Hiding from the dark

Alex had only been back in Darkwood for a year until she was roped into the Silver Demons drama. Who are the Silver Demons? Just the people you want to avoid. But Alex is finding it harder and harder to do that. Her past keeps threatening to return.

Chapter 4

chapter four - Noah stays the night

I didn’t know how to react. I thought Joe had long since left the house to live his own life. But he was here. He was one of Noah’s brothers friends and was part of it. Part of what happened to my brother. I had to leave. Like right now.

I took a step backwards, shaking in fear. I took another step back before realising that behind me was only air as the stairs stood there. I felt myself start to fall before Joe reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling my away from the stairs.

“Don’t walk backwards when you’re near the stairs.” He said in less of a worried tone but more of a happy tone. Not the nice kind of happy though.

“I think I should go back downstairs.” I stuttered through my sentence, trying to pull my arm out of Joe’s grip.

“It’s ok. I don’t think Brandon would mind if you hung with me for a bit.” Joe said, tugging me towards his room. I felt light headed and confused as he tugged on my arm. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw Brandon slopping up the stairs. There was a momentary point where Joe’s grip loosened on my arm when seeing his younger brother. I took this as my chance to leave as I slipped my arm out of his hand, squeezing past Brandon as I made my way down the stairs. I assumed Brandon stayed upstairs to talk to his brother as I didn’t hear his loud footsteps follow behind me.

I swung my arms by my side as I kept a straight face when entering the living room. I let myself drop down next to Noah, feeling my heart beat finally slow. Daniel raised an eyebrow at me before taking another sip of his quick going drink. I looked down towards my coke as my throat started to feel dry. No, I was going to have a drink when I got home.

“So when can I leave?” I sighed aloud, wanting to be able to go home and pack away my groceries. Noah looked my way, almost deciding on how to respond.

“Well I’m not leaving.” Kyle answered, not helping my point at all. I swear he was doing it just to spite me. He didn’t want me there. That much was clear. But yet if I was suffering, he was happy.

None of them had to leave. Noah just had to come out with me or give me his car keys. Simple. They could all get drunk here and be late for their lecture the next day for all I care. Actually, that would be nice. A day guaranteed no Silver Demons. But on the other hand they might not care and just come in drunk. Which in the end would be worse.

Noah still didn’t answer as Brandon came into the room. Just great. I don’t think I’m going to be leaving any time soon.

When Brandon walked back into the room he held an annoyed expression, muttering unheard things under his breath. Noah held out his can to Brandon when he sat down next to me. “Get me some more.” Noah ordered Brandon. Brandon pushed back the can harshly.

“Get some yourself you ****.” Brandon shot. I guess he hadn’t had a pleasant conversation with his brother. They never seemed close.

Noah let out an irritated sound of his own but stood up anyway and made his way to the kitchen. When Noah came back he flopped into the sofa and glugged down his second can.

“It’s getting late. I kind of need to get home.” I tried again, hoping someone would finally agree with me. As expected, no one was really listening to me at all.

Brandon, still ignoring me, lay his arm back over my shoulders. I sighed loudly in annoyance, trying to get even the slightest bit of attention which is funny seeing as my main rule was to not get any attention from these boys.

All the boys spent the next two hours drinking mass amounts of alcohol, laughing insanely and slowly starting to slur their words.

“Noah. I need to go home.” I said stubbornly, pushing the drunk Brandon off me.

“Sure thing babe.” His head was bobbing too much to show concentration. And he’d never call me Babe. Never.

“You guys really need to get home.” I said worriedly. Some of them were still laughing when nothing had been said. They had really drank too much. They were flopped on their chairs, heads lulling to the sides.

“You guys should leave.” Brandon said all of a sudden, standing up, trying to look like a buff scary guy though failing at it as he staggered and nearly fell over if it wasn’t for my support.

“You wanna fight?” Noah suddenly said, springing to his feet. He jumped up and down with his hands now fists. Brandon joined in as he brought his fists up.

“Oh God, you guys are such idiots.” I almost shouted at them, dragging my hands through my hair.

“What did you call me?” Noah asked, pointing at me sternly. He looked right about ready to fight but obviously in a drunken manner as, well, he was drunk.

“I need to go home.” I probably did shout at him this time. Kyle stumbled to his feet as he started to make his way to the doorway.

“Where are you going?” Daniel called out, pining for his friend. He leant back in his chair, his head towards the door, almost expecting Kyle to come back in.

“I’m leaving. We have university tomorrow.” Finally, someone mature.

“Thank you.” I called out after Kyle, starting to feel relief.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow Noah.” Jacob said to Noah who raised a hand at him. Jacob ruffly grabbed hold of Daniels jacket as he pulled him after Kyle.

“Bye.” Daniel sang happily. The door soon slammed shut as the three boys had left the house. I stood in front of Noah with my arms crossed, a smirk spreading across my face. I had won. His friends had left him and Noah knew that.

“I’m leaving.” He said, not admitting that I was right. I followed after him as Brandon followed as well. As soon as we were out of the door Brandon closed it behind us, not a word said at all. I paused, feeling the fear rise up in me. It was dark now and only one lamp post stood between Brandon’s house and my own. I took a shaky breath before turning back to Noah. He was actually by his car, unloading it.

“Here.” He said, handing me my shopping. I took it, surprised how easy it was to get it back from him. He slammed the hood shut as he went round to the side to open the door. I started to panic as I ran over to him, the shopping bags rustling besides me.

“Wait, you’re not going to drive are you?” I asked, knowing full well there was no way Noah could drive home safely.

“I may be drunk but I’m not stupid.” Noah huffed as he pulled something out of the car and slammed the door shut behind him. “I’m not going to do that again.” He mumbled after his breath, laughing afterwards.

“I think homes that way.” He swayed as he pointed in the obvious wrong direction. I sighed in annoyance, unsure of what to do. I could let him stay the night? It’s the safest way. No, that’s stupid. This could just be an act to get into my house. But I had seen him drink every drop of his drinks. He was drunk for sure. I don’t know. Look at me. I was meant to be avoiding this boy and yet now I’m actually contemplating him staying the night. I seriously need to make up my mind already.

I felt myself starting to stress out as I saw Noah trying to make his way down the road, falling into the cars and fences on the way. I looked back at my house one more time before chasing after him.

“Wait.” I called after him, hoping he’d actually hear me. He turned around, looking confused.

“Spend the night at mine.” I sighed. I know I’m going to regret this later.

“Why?” He asked, stumbling backwards.

“Because you’re drunk and it’s dangerous. Just come stay at mine.” I tried persuading him.

“Fine.” He grumbled. I sighed in relief as I started walking, making sure at all times he was next to me. The only sound we could hear was the bags rustling, no wind blowing. I purposefully slowed our walk as we reached the street lamp. It whirred as the light shone from it. I rushed us towards my house as soon as the light seemed to disappear on the way to my house. When we got to my door I felt safe again. Home.

I put down one of my shopping bags as I looked for my keys in my pocket. I pulled out my keys as I unlocked the door, smelling the sweet lavender air freshener I used in my house. I took hold of Noah’s arm as I pulled him inside, slamming the door shut afterwards. I locked the door as Noah stood tiredly besides me. Dragging him into the living room, I left my shopping in the hallway.

“Stay here.” I told him, treating him like a dog. He just looked up at me as I stared down at him for a second. I left him there as I went back into the hallway to pick up my shopping. I brought it into the kitchen as I put it all away. Grabbing a glass from the shelf, I ran it under the water. I sighed as I sipped the smooth water. Finally. A drink. The smooth liquid trickled down my throat, making my self feel calm, the stress leaving my body. The only thing was I still had a drunk Noah sitting in my living room. Could I really trust him? What if he actually did remember who I was? No, he would of said something by now. Or his brother would have done something. He’s extremely impatient when it comes to things like this. When it comes to power.

I delicately placed my empty glass down as I made my way back into the living room. I leant against the doorway, expecting to see Noah sprawled across the sofa. Only he wasn’t. I nearly lost balance from where I stood in surprise.

“Noah?” I shouted, scared half to death. Was Noah all right? Why was I worrying about that? The real question was if I was going to be all right?

When I got no response I ran across the room, searching for him lying somewhere. Nope. He couldn’t have left the house. There was always a distinct creak as the door was opened. And I had the keys for the door which I had already locked. So where was he? Was he upstairs?

This time I was wary when I walked. I took slow footsteps, not knowing what to expect. In this time I was happy I had carpeted floors which covered up the sound of the creaking floorboards. I almost expected Noah’s older brother to be standing on the landing, waiting for me.

When I was on the landing I heard soft hesitations of breath, proving there to be someone upstairs. Oh my God, it was coming from my bedroom. I took my time in creeping over to the door which had an open **** in it. I lightly prodded it, making it open ajar. It creaked lightly, exposing the inside of my bedroom. The light was still off as I crept towards it. I peered around, half expecting Noah to jump out holding a knife. When my eyes scanned my bed, my heart nearly leaped out of my chest in shock to see Noah. He had somehow crept up the stairs and tucked himself up in my lavender bed sheets. He snored peacefully, proving him to be asleep. I cursed under my breath. I thought he would be sleeping on the sofa. Or in one of the spare rooms.

I took a step into the room, making my way over to Noah. His eyes where cemented shut as he looked so peaceful.

“Noah?” I whispered softly by his ear. He didn’t move as my breath fanned his face. I let out a breath of air in annoyance as I stood back, watching Noah’s chest rise and fall. I swear, if he’s pretending to be asleep just so he can do something crazy later, I would be really ******. How do I know I can trust him? Right. I cant. He’s a bad boy with dark magic whose brother killed mine and gave me my stupid scar. Not to mention he’s drunk. Oh right. I never mentioned he was the one who gave me the scar, did I? Though that’s another story to tell another time.

I opened the wardrobe, the light from the landing reflecting off the mirror as I pulled it open. I took out the spare quilt and pillow I kept in there, letting the quilt trail on the ground. I guess I was going to be the one sleeping downstairs. Closing the wardrobe I took one more look at the sleeping Noah. He didn’t look as scary when he was like this. Just like a little boy. He was almost cute. I quickly shook of that feeling. There was no way I was going to gain any feelings for that boy. The only reason that I let him stay the night was because of the high chances of him getting hurt tonight. My subconscious reminded me that he had probably walked home when drunk countless times before. I’m just going to say that it’s too late now. He’s in my bed and sound asleep. Deal with it.

I wrapped myself up in the blanket as I got comfortable on the stiff sofa. Oh God, I have to go into university tomorrow. Ok, I can do this. Only one more day until the weekend. I just hope soon I’ll be rid of these four boys so I can stop worrying. I can only hope.

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