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By @LilyRavenclaw

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Garret crept along the stone wall border. Five people trailed behind him. They struggled to keep silent but their footsteps echoed painfully off the wall. Every noise they made risked their discovery. Because they were so few, they couldn’t afford discovery.

Death was probable and capture, feasible, which was why Garret was so surprised and ultimately grateful that more than even one person had volunteered for the impossible mission. The group was made up of three women and three men including Garret himself. They had been assigned the task of rescuing sixty-nine missing persons from an organization called RAC which stood for: Restraining Association of Cyborgs.

Long ago RAC had been a controlled organization of artificial intelligence robots; but that had been long ago. Once upon a time RAC only strove to do good; but that was once upon a time. Around twenty years ago RAC had gotten out of control. The cyborgs had learned too much. Their knowledge and intelligence had grown far greater and far faster than anyone could ever have imagined. Now RAC controlled the government.

Twenty years ago, the humans that had been working and scheming with RAC had discovered something. Something that was too out of the ordinary for comfort. Rumors started to spread throughout the country. The actual discovery had not yet been revealed to the public but the fact that there had been a discovery was well known. RAC began inviting highly acclaimed scientists to come and analyze the discovery. Oblivious to the strings attached, scientists from all over the world accepted the invitation. There was a catch however. After scientists finished experimenting and examining the discovery they went home, but they died. Each and every scientist died mysteriously. Not even a week went by after they had visited RAC headquarters, when they died… Men and women scientists, became sick, fell off cliffs, committed suicide or were killed in tragic accidents. At first, the public had ignored the deaths, assuming they were only coincidental. Soon the deaths became so irrefutable they could no longer be overlooked. Each and every death made the headlines of every newspaper and magazine but there was a problem. No one knew why… Why were the scientists dying?

Not long after the sudden heart breaking deaths of the several scientists, the Unites States of America might have been N*** Germany. You couldn’t have told the difference.

        RAC promptly took matters into their own hands. To keep the world under control and to prevent what they considered chaos, collars were commissioned and babies started to be killed. In the beginning collars were treated as a trend. They advertised the collars as fashionable and as a necessity. However they overestimated the the self-image that humanity possessed and when trend wasn’t enough, force was enlisted.

Every single person was forced to register at RAC and were all given metal collars to wear as if they were dogs. The collars weren’t thick but they were strong and immovable. Doctors in all hospitals and birth centers were taking new born children from their mothers and killing them before anyone could have an opposing say. Women who were pregnant were monitored until they went into labor wherein their children were mercilessly murdered. In less than a year every person had been registered and out of fear, submitted and worn a collar. In less than a year sixty million new born babies had been exterminated. Records of the murdered children went on and on forever. No one knew what the collars did and few dared to refuse or fight back. Many mothers committed suicide after their children were taken from them. A dark cloud fell over the country. No one was happy any longer. Those who did fight back against RAC were hunted and killed or went missing.

Finally the killing stopped, but the sadness was not over. Every pregnancy and every marriage afterward was to be authorized by RAC. If people got married or pregnant in secret, they were lawfully subject to imprisonment or execution. When people did get permission to get married or pregnant, the process was monitored as well. When the authorized babies were born, they were given collars.

The epidemic became known as “The Purge”.

At last, the world was under RAC’s control.

But not the world

Grime was a rebel organization. They called themselves “Grime” to embrace, in an ironic way, what RAC had done and what they were still doing. RAC had purged the world. RAC had left some grime. They’d missed a spot.

It had taken months for Grime to calculate where the prisoners would be and how many security guards would be stationed. Grime’s inside men and spies had done as much as they could to give Garret’s group of six a mental map of the RAC fortress and the tools they would need to penetrate RAC’s defenses. Already so many of Grime’s people had died to make sure this expedition would be successful. At last it had begun. The mission that had killed people before it even happened was finally happening. Everyone at the rebel base hoped against hope that none of the dead had died in vain. So many lives and deaths depended on the six people that were scaling along the twenty foot tall, a million miles long, stone wall.

Garret watched as the wall in front of him shrank until it came to an end. Around the corner, about fifty feet away, the gateway to the RAC fortress stood guarded by four men. Or what looked like men. According to Grime’s spies, all the guards that were posted tonight, were cyborgs. Garret stopped in his tracks and turned to face the group behind him. They watched him expectantly. Each of them held shocks: rifles that held electrically charged grenades. Garret said nothing but simply nodded toward one of the women who called herself Drew. Her eyes gleamed in the dim light and she nodded in acknowledgment of his subtle instructions.

The plan was to draw the guards that were standing at the gate, inside the walls so that the group could sneak in unnoticed. Drew took out her grapple and her shock and prepared to climb up the wall.

Holding the grapple gun above her head, she pulled the trigger. What looked like a drill bit attached to several hooks with barbs, shot out of the gun. It climbed the height of the wall and buried itself in the cement just below the top. Drew tugged on the cable attached to the grapple to ensure its stability and then began climbing. Her shock was strapped to her back. Her legs clung to the wall while she put hand over hand on the cable. Everyone else stood waiting; ready; silent. The white fluorescent light that shone over the wall from inside, perfectly outlined her silhouette as she neared the peak. A sudden chilling breeze swept through the alleyway where they stood. It pierced through Garret’s clothes as he stood, staring up at Drew. The wind ruffled Drew’s hair as she climbed.

At last she reached the top. Carefully, slowly and silently she reached for the shock strapped to her back. Her small but sure hand, grasped the handle and she pulled it over her shoulder. Her head bobbed just above the edge of the wall. White light illuminated her face. Garret waited for a signal from her to know that the plan could move forward. For a few extremely long torturous seconds, Drew did and said nothing. Garret was about to call out to her when she turned head toward the group and nodded. Relief flooded over Garret like a hot shower.

Garret turned away from the group, confident that the others would immediately follow his lead. He stepped closer to the edge of the wall where it turned at a perfect ninety degree angle and lead to the gateway. He strained his ear to hear the sound of the shock being fired which would trigger the continuation of the scheme. Silence. He blinked and swallowed waiting in torturous quiet. Finally he heard it. The small click and electric crackle as the gun released a grenade. After that, the sound of someone grunting and collapsing to the ground was barely audible. Garret peaked passed the edge of the wall. He watched the guards turn to see what the commotion was inside the wall.

The four men glanced at each other and back inside the wall. It seemed that they exchanged a few words. Finally, they examined their surroundings and confirming to themselves that no one was around, they ran in to Analyze what had happened to their fellow guards. The plan was working perfectly.

Garret began to get anxious. The unguarded gateway stood only fifty feet away, but he knew he had to be patient. They couldn’t go through just yet. At last the sound of Drew shooting the shock at least four more times permitted Garret to calm down. The scheme could move forward. Time for phase two.

Drew crawled down the wall and disconnected the cable from the hook that was permanently stuck in the wall. With that, the group proceeded forward.

When they reached the gateway, Garret peered in. Six mangled bodies lay on the ground about fifty feet away. Relief washed over him like a sudden wave. He suddenly felt light-weight.

After getting through the gateway, Garret lead the group through more alleyways, trusting only the directions that had been given to him by Grime. Finally, after many twists and turns they ended up at a secluded door. It appeared old and rusty as if it was rarely used. A faded and peeling poster that read ‘Keep Out’ was stuck to it.

The group glanced at each other and then advanced forward, all smirking. Brienne, one of the women, took a lock grenade from her bag and attached it to the door. Everyone stepped back. The grenade exploded but hardly made a very loud sound. The lock had disintegrated. One of the men, Kendall, who looked about nineteen or twenty, stepped forward and pull the door open. It screeched on its hinges and everyone grimaced.

They all hurried inside, surprised to find that the dark room smelled musty and felt ancient. Although they could see nothing, the room sounded as if it was made of pillows. Nothing echoed. Instead it was as if the sound was being sucked away.

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