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By @LilyRavenclaw

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

They were inhumanly strong. Of course that was only logical because they weren’t human at all. They appeared human. They acted human. But they weren’t human. Their eyes were cameras. Their ears were microphones and radios. Their brains were computers. Their bones were metal. They were the unhuman, otherwise called cyborgs. Not that you could tell at all. 

Lela collapsed not having the strength or will power to even take another step. She’d lost count of how many flights of stairs they’d gone down, but that was hardly the matter. They hadn’t fed her for the past three days and when they’d finally given her water, it had hardly been a couple of ounces.

“Get up!” One of the cyborgs yelled

“Let her be.” Another argued “She wasn’t cooperating in the first place. It would be better for us to just carry her.”

Although Lela was only half conscious she counted three of them, each wearing a gray jumpsuit. She hadn’t the slightest idea where they were taking her, but she’d lost any desire to fight anymore. It seemed like an eternity ago that she’d been taken from home. So many things had happened since then.

At last they’d descended the final flight of stairs. One of the robots threw Lela over his shoulder and began to walk briskly toward a room with windows. There were no windows that viewed the outside but the windows instead displayed several hospital beds. Beside each hospital bed were small tables on which rested varying shots and medical tools. The Fluorescent Light fixtures on the ceiling gave the room a cold and eerie feeling. Inside the room were several more people (or were they robots?) all dressed in the same gray jumpsuits. Not one of them wore a smile on their face. If they weren’t robots, they certainly acted like robots.

The robot carrying Lela placed her on one of the hospital beds and began to undress her thirteen-year-old body. Once he’d gotten her out of her filthy clothing he dressed her in a hospital nightgown. Out of spite Lela made it as difficult as she could for him to dress her. She made herself heavy and stiff and pretended to sleep. Nevertheless he didn’t seem to notice in the slightest and continued to do his job with ease. After dressing her, he left, and through squinted eyes Lela saw a woman take his place. It was impossible to tell, but Lela assumed the lady was also a robot. The woman strapped Lela tightly to the bed and without warning, stuck a needle in Lela’s left arm. The needle was thick and harsh and was pushed deep into her skin. Lela refused to show any sign of discomfort however and continued to fain sleep. After about three minutes the needle was removed from her arm and the robot woman hooked Lela up to an IV. Once she had finished, everyone left, leaving Lela alone.

Slowly, cautiously, Lela opened her eyes. She twisted her head around trying to take in her surroundings. Her hospital bed was one of many, each separated by a barrier wall with one large window in the center. Lela almost screamed when she noticed that she was not the only person in a hospital bed. In the room to her left lay a person. They were covered from head to toe in a white sheet so she could hardly tell their gender, but a long pale arm hung below the sheet. It was gaunt and deathly white. Lela whimpered. Her chest heaved. She was lying next to a dead person. Finally she let out a bloodcurdling scream. Her face turned red and heated tears escaped her eyes. She thrashed in her bed but could barely move because of her restraints. A million thoughts and questions raced through her mind. Why am I here? Why does nothing make sense? Why is this happening to me? Does anyone even care that I am gone?

“I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” She repeatedly yelled, hoping to make them (whoever them was) feel so incredibly, utterly, awfully sorry that they had done this to her. “I hate you! I hate you! ” It felt good to yell that.

At last, she just cried. Simple moans and whimpers. She let it all out. She might have cried for hours, she didn’t know. Tears streaked her face. They dripped into her mouth, greeting her tongue with a salty taste. So much water gushed from her eyes, she almost expected there to be furrows in her skin. Slowly, her sobs turned into hiccups and she fell into the arms of sleep.

She awoke to the sound of the door creaking open and a man in a white coat entering and walking toward her.

“Ah, how good to see you awake.” His words were fake. At that instant Lela decided she wouldn’t speak, not if he burned her with a hundred irons. She hated him and everyone else in this building and she refused to give them any kind of satisfaction.

“My name is Doctor James Howard. How are you feeling?” He didn’t even look at her. He didn’t even care. Lela remained silent. Out of nervous habit Lela reached for the choker wrapped around her neck but was unable to touch it due to her restraints. The choker had never left her neck for as long as she could remember and it was a small comfort they and let her keep it.

“You’ve been down here for about five hours. Did you rest?”


He seemed to be examining a folder of medical information. His eyes darted back and forth along the pages.


“Giving me the silent treatment are you?” He smirked. It was fake.


He stared at her as if willing her to open her mouth and give a speech.


“It doesn’t have to be this way Lela. We could handle this like friends. We don’t have to be enemies.”

Silence. What was this idiot thinking? They were already enemies!

“Well I was going to ask you if you’d like to go outside before you’re surgery but if you’re not going—’’

“Surgery?” Lela interrupted.

Doctor Howard chuckled. D*mmit! Lela thought.

“Yes. I’m sorry but we will be operating on you within the hour.” The look on Doctor Howard’s face was too smug to be genuine.

“Why?” Lela hated having to talk to this person but she’d already broken her own vow and she might as well have not broken it in vain.

“‘Why’, is none of your concern.”

“‘Why’, is every bit of my concern!”

“Well you can scream or you can take a walk before we put you to sleep for the operation. Although I do advise not screaming at all. Your choice.”

For a split second Lela almost accepted the offer of taking a walk but then she thought twice. Why would this so called doctor offer her a walk if it was no benefit to him? Everything they had done to her thus far had only taken place for their own beneficial reasons therefore it was logical to assume that events would progress in uniform. “I hate you.” Was all Lela uttered.

“Very well, there’s no harm in beginning the surgery early.” Doctor Howard concluded.


“My assistants will be arriving momentarily.”

“What kind of operation is this?”

“Didn’t I already tell you that’s for me to know? Don’t worry yourself Lela.”

Lela wanted to explode. She was boiling with pure anger and frustration. “Why was I arrested? Why am I here? Who are you?” Lela screamed. She wanted answers and she wanted them now. Lucky for him, she was strapped to a bed, otherwise she might have punched him to a bloody pulp.

For a few seconds he acted as if he hadn’t heard her, but at last he responded “You’re dangerous Lela… We can’t have ‘dangerous’.”

All of the sudden, several more people entered the room and before Lela could even blink her eyes twice, they had injected her with a sleeping fluid and the light started to dim. Their voices sounded slurred and slow. Her body began to feel numb. Their faces became fuzzy, but just before she lost consciousness she whispered:

“I hate you…”

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