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Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

By @Mikasa15

How You Met


   – You met in a local shop that was having a sale on premium beer and wurst.     

– The both of you saw each other from either side of the room and-     

– BOOM!     

– Match made in heaven!     

– You’re already planning the wedding and thinking of names for your 8 kids     


– You met at a pasta making competition.     

– He won by a long shot obviously.     

– So, you walked up to him wanting to known the recipe.     

– He offered you to come over to his house so he could make pasta with you! 

– Yummy pasta!!     


– Manga convention!!  

– You were in charge of assisting with panels and he came up to you.     

– He saw you were wearing a shirt with a picture of his favorite manga on it!     

– He asked where you got it and it turned into a great convo about manga drawing styles and tips!     

– By the end of it, you had exchanged phone numbers.

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