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By @winstonsun850

How does it feel to hide behind a persona

to be something you’re not

it must feel good

to be praised and thanked and complimented for what you do

for what you say

but how does it feel like when you break

when you break down and scream at the top of your lungs in pain

knowing that no matter how hard you try you can’t always save everyone

no one makes it out alive in this game we call life

is it worth it?

you’re doing all this for what reason?

You are so busy saving others but no one is saving you

i guess not everyone wants to be saved

do you ever feel like the villain?

do you even think about the villain?

do you ever wonder to yourself who broke them?

if you saved the villain from their pain maybe this would’ve never happened

we all try to be hero’s in this world where everyone is telling us to be perfect and helpful and to be successful in life but what if we don’t want to be a hero? Why do we feel the need to fit in and be popular when in a couple of years that’s not going to matter? We all strive for perfect and for a unrealistic goal of this fantasy that everyone wants but no one can get. We are so focused on being the best that we don’t realize when we are feeling the worst. Or when others are feeling bad we just step on them and laugh because we know that putting others down will push you up. It will make you more successful

but are we really going to risk someone else’s happiness for our own? Are we the villains?

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