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Hermione Jean Riddle: The Dark Lord’s Daughter Book 1

By @Lightningheart

Chapter 1

I stood in the middle of the field, glaring at those who cowered in fear at my feet.

“GO AWAY, YOU HORRID LITTLE THINGS!” I screamed at the girls who were whimpering. 

They had hurt me, teased me for being weird, and what do they know now? I smirk, being tortured back by me!

“Sorry, Hermione!” They whispered and then I flicked my hand at them, causing them to run away, screaming in pain.

My name is Hermione Jean Granger. I’m eleven and I’ve a desire to do something bad.

People say I’m too smart for my own good. I believe that and I like it. I’ve been weird, if you call that weird. I could do magic.

But Dad and Mom say that I’m not able to do magic.

“It’s just a children’s story, ‘Mione” They say, but somehow, I know that it’s fake.

I let out an evil cackle, swung my black, curly locks back and grinned to myself. I skipped home, humming a tune.

But somehow, I think I heard a crack behind me.



I sat at the table, eating homemade pasta with Mum and Dad.

I sucked a noodle into my mouth and gulped it down, staring at the open field outside, in the black night.

Something is going to happen. I told myself, I just knew! Girl’s intuition?

I was right! There was a crack on our doorstep, just like the one I had heard that afternoon. 

Mum frowned. She probably thought that people were throwing firecrackers.

Just then, the bell rang.

“Go get it Mom!” I signaled to her.

Mum walked out of the dining room and towards the door. I followed her, warily. Like who the heck would be here?

Mum opened the door, and I gasped.

Outside was a family, you could tell from their appearance, of three.

The man smiled at my mother, who returned it uncertainly.

“May we please come in?” He spoke in a whisper, “we have a lot to discuss.”

My mother stared at the people outside, still uncertain. “Uh- yeah, sure!”

The people followed my mother in and Father took my hand and we all went to the living room.

Mother, Father and I sat in one of the sofas, while the other family sat in the one opposing us.

“Let me introduce ourselves first!” The man shook his long white-blond hair and gripped his jacket. I am Lucius Abraxam Malfoy. This is Narcissa Malfoy, my wife, formerly known as Narcissa Black and this is-“

“Your son, Draco,” the young boy sitting next to his mother interrupted. “Hello,” he said, smiling. “I’m Draco Lucius Malfoy. A family friend.”

“No.” I cut in.

The boy was weirdly still smiling pleasantly. “Pleased to meet you Hermione Jean Riddle. What do you mean by we’re not a family friend. I’m your cousin after all!”

“Draco, take it a bit slower, okay?” His mother hushed him. 

Narcissa had black hair at the top of her head, but from the shoulder on, it was white-blond, the same as Lucius’ and Draco’s.

I stood up and put my hands on my hips, putting on a scowl. “Firstly, I’m no Riddle. I’m Hermione Jean Granger. Perhaps you had looked for the wrong Hermione Jean? Second of all, I don’t know you guys, how can you be a family friend, or even my cousin.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” Lucius said with a mile. “Hermione, these aren’t your parents.”

I gasped in shock. My whole life had been a lie after all.

I looked up at Father, demanding the truth. Father smiled at me, his eyes glazed over.

“It’s true, ‘Mione.” He ruffled my hair. “I am a Squib, friend of Lucius and Tom. Lucius and Narcissa are your godparents. When your father had fallen, you were snatched right from Narcissa’s hands by the Order, and then delivered right to us. We were spies for the Order at that time, so it was a relief o see you with us, the other option.”

Lucius picked up the story at that point. “Your father is a very powerful man, Hermione. I was a mere servant, while Frank here, was a spy. Your father was defeated by a baby, called Harry Potter, who seems to have whimsical powers. Your mother, Bellatrix Riddle-“

“Sister of mine,” Narcissa supplied. “She was jailed after using the Cruciatus Curse on the Longbottoms. Poor woman, she was forced to marry Lestrange at the age of 19, luckily she was able to evade him, and she dated your father instead.”

I gaped at them both. The secrets they kept from me! How dare they!

“So who do I live with now?” I asked, quietly.

“You’ll be living with us now, Hermione. Your father ordered this.” Lucius smiled. “He told us that if you were to fall in the Grangers’ hands, then you would have to be handed over to the Malfoys three months before the age of eleven. It’s exactly three months from your birthday now, June 19th, so you would have to come with us.”

End of Hermione’s POV

Hermione smiled at her “parents”. “Thank you for everything!” She hugged them goodbye, then ran up to her room to pack everything she owned to meet the Malfoys.

“Goodbye!” She waved and said the word one last time to the Grangers and followed Draco out of the house.

She tugged her suitcase along the rood, hand in hand with Draco, chattering like birds.

“You’ll be going to Hogwarts with me, in September, ‘Mione! You should be excited.” cried Draco, jumping up and down.

“I shouldn’t be.” Hermione turned and faced Draco. “What in the word is Hogwarts?”

“It’s a school. Children who have shown potential in-“

“That’s enough now, we’ve reached our Apparition spot! Now would you two keep quiet for once!” snapped Narcissa, who couldn’t take the noise they were making any longer.

The two children lowered their heads and muttered a “sorry” to her.

“Right them. Hermione, give me that suitcase of yours and take my hand. Draco, take your mother’s.”

I let Lucius take my green roller suitcase and gripped onto Lucius hand. Wondering why I have to do this, I loosened my hand and stared at Lucius.

“Mr. Malfoy, why do we need to hold hands?”

“Please Hermione, call me Uncle Lucius, Narcissa Aunt Cissy and Draco just Draco. Back to the question, we are holding hands because we have to do Side-Along Apparition. And before you ask me what that is-” he said, pointing to Hermione’s open mouth. “it’s where you do something that will burst your teensy brain if I try to explain that will make you appear at your destination, for us, that is Malfoy Manor, where we live. Now, hold my hand and tighten it, you do not want it to fail.”

Hermione regrouped Lucius hand and they spun away, same to Narcissa and Draco.


Hermione and Lucius landed first, followed by Narcissa and Draco a fews moments later.

“Hermione, we’re here! Hermione?”

Hermione was staring at the Manor, which was beautiful and astonishing. Her suitcase fell with a plunk on the floor.

The Manor was amazing. It was like a castle, a mansion, to be exact. It was black and the doors were grand, a black pattern across it.

Draco nudged Hermione. “If you think that this is amazing, then you’d better see the inside. it’s way more fascinating. Father charmed it so that the outside would look like a plain mansion, but the inside is probably as huge as Hogwarts, which I will tell you about it later, or tomorrow.” He told Hermione, who was starting to protest.

Draco ran up the steps and motioned for Hermione to hurry. Hermione picked up her suitcase, which she had dropped onto the ground and followed Draco inside. Draco pushed open the doors and beckoned Hermione in. As soon as she entered, she gasped.

The living room was huge. It had a chandelier in the middle and there was plenty of spare room for other people to run around.

“Draco, I need to get some paperwork for the Ministry done. Your Mother has a bit to do too, so will you and Dobby show Hermione her own room?”

Draco nodded obediently. 

“Goodnight Uncle Lucius. Goodnight Aunt Cissy.” Hermione said with a smile. “Thanks for having me here.”

“No problem, ‘Mione. After all, we’re supposed to take care of you until your father gains power again or your Mother can be freed from Azkaban.” Narcissa said with a smile. She flounced down the hallway to the stairs and smiled. “Sweet dreams Hermione, Draco.”

After both of the adults left, Draco smacked his hands together. “Dobby! Dobby!”

A crack sounded again, and this time, an elf appeared in front of Hermione and Draco.

“Master Draco has called Dobby. Dobby is here to help Master Draco. Dobby sees that Master Draco has brought someone with him, and Dobby wants to know who she is.”

“Hermione, this is one of the house-elves who work for us. Dobby, this is Mistress Hermione, address her like you do to my mother.”

“Yes, Master Draco. Dobby says hello to Mistress Hermione. What would the Master and Mistress like?”

“Dobby, show me my room.” Hermione commanded. Finally, she doesn’t need to do the hard work. Let the slave elf do it.

“Absolutely, Mistress Hermione. Please follow Dobby. Dobby will show you to your room.”

Dobby led the two children down the hallway and up to flights of stairs. As they walked, Hermione saw that the manor had tons of different rooms, a swimming pool, a gym, a kind of sports ground, a library and many more!

“This way, Master Draco and Mistress Hermione!” Dobby said in a high-pitched voice. Hermione chuckled to herself, thinking how baby like the voice sounded and those she would kill when her father returns would scream in the same voice that Dobby uses to talk to others.

Dobby led us into a hallway with a pair of silver doors. He clicked his fingers and the doors flew open, leaving Hermione astonished and Draco smug.

Rooms were labelled down the corridor, which was beautiful and kept changing colour. 

“Dobby! Show her my bedroom first so she can know where to find me!” Draco commanded, his voice all proper-like.

“Yes, Master Draco.” Dobby bowed, his large floppy ears brushing the ground. 

Dobby stopped at a golden door with a plaque at the side of it. “Draco Lucius Malfoy’s Room” it read. 

“Dobby will wait for his Master and Mistress outside Master’s room.” Dobby bowed and stood next to the door, while Draco pulled Hermione’s arm and pulled her in.

The room was humongous. Windows were on the walls, framed with gold. There was a king-size bed with red and golden trim and green blankets with lots of fluffy feather pillows. There was a working table at the side of the room, next to it, wardrobes that were white while the handles were made of bronze. Hermione walked to the table and saw that there were photos of Draco and his family. In one of them, which was taken when they were babies, was Hermione and Draco and their mothers.

Hermione reached out to pick up the photo. There was her, she knew from her brown hair and her expression. Next to her was obviously baby Draco and Narcissa, so is that woman behind Hermione her mother?

“Yep, that’s your mother, ‘Mione. Bellatrix Riddle. She’s the same as my father, a loyal follower of your great father but she’s much more powerful. Do you like my wallpaper? It’s my favorite sport in the whole world, Quidditch!”

Hermione reached a hand out and placed it on the wall. The wallpaper background was green, while it had broomsticks and balls decorated over it.

“Quidditch. How do you play?” 

“It’s hard to explain. But–“

“Master Draco! Mistress Narcissa tells you to hurry up with the tour of your room!”

“Okay Dobby!” Draco yelled back.

“Hermione, this is my old racing broom. Dad says that he’ll get us both brooms. You used to have one too, before you were taken of course and you loved it. Also, there’s also a private bathroom in your room too. Dobby! We’re done. Take us to your Mistress Hermione’s bedroom.”

Dobby then led the both of them across two doors and then they arrived at a room like Draco’s only with silver doors and a silver plaque that read “Hermione Jean Riddle”.

“Mistress, your room.” Dobby bowed and with a crack, he apparated away again.

“Hermione pushed open the doors and gasped.

The wallpaper was sky blue with clouds and broomsticks. There were bookcases lining the walls.

Her dressing table had nothing on it, but there were lots of drawers fit for anything. Her wardrobes were the same, white but with bronze handles and when she opened it, she saw T-shirts, gowns, dresses, robes and many others fit for all occasions.

Her bed was wonderful. It had green and golden trim lining the bedsheets and blankets, half a dozen fluffy white pillows and curtains lining the side of it. There was a clock above her wardrobe. But she couldn’t see her bathroom.

“Draco, does my room has a bathroom?” Hermione asked, hopeful.

Draco grinned. “Unlike the boys’ bedrooms, girls’ have a secret doorway. Just brush the frame of your bed and the door will appear.” He did so, and voila! A silver white door slowly uncovered itself. But when Draco approached it, it shut again.

“It’s only for girls to go in.” Draco said, rubbing his head. “You’d better get to sleep, we have a lot to explain to you tomorrow. Hogwarts, Quidditch, Houses, Hogsmeade. I shouldn’t excite you now, you’ll know tomorrow. Goodnight ‘Mione.” He shut the door and paced back to his room, leaving Hermione in her own room, admiring the room.

Hermione brushed the frame of her bed and a doorway appeared. She squealed in excitement, grabbed a plain green T and a pair of pajama shorts from her wardrobe and went into the bathroom to change.

She was quick and locked her suitcase into her wardrobe and jumped onto the bed, wriggling under the covers.

She clicked her fingers and the lights were out.

My new life is beginning now, she thought.

Word Count: 2393

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