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Her Strength|Warriors Cats

By @Nightseer_Wolfie10

Chapter One

Chapter One

 “You’re going on a hunting patrol by yourself.” Cloudtail stated, placing his tail on my shoulder.

  I gasped in surprise. I have never gone outside of the ThunderClan camp by myself. And I didn’t plan too. 

  “Why?” I asked. “Is it because I am terrible at everything and your making me suffer?”

Cloudtail sighed and released his tail from my shoulder. 

“No, Silverpaw. It’s because I am your mentor and I want to see if you can do it. Put more of an effort into your hunting.”

  I started pacing back and forth when I smelled a juicy scent. It was a prey scent. It was so strong, I had to close my mouth to keep from drooling.

“What if I get hurt?” I questioned, sitting on my forelegs to stop myself from running back to camp.

“I will know” Is all he said. 

I rolled my eyes. 

When could I ever trust Cloudtail for anything?

I shivered. Winter was going to come faster than I thought. It was already cold and it was only Leaf-fall. 

I sighed. “Fine. I will do it.” 

Cloudtail’s ears twitched in excitement. He quickly licked his fur and walked over to the part of the grass that lead right into the forest. 

 “You have to start here.” He explained, tapping one paw on the rough patch of grass covered in leaves.

I nodded, got up and walked over to him.

“All you have to do is go threw the trees and up that path and catch prey. Follow the path back to this spot and come back to camp.” Cloudtail licked my ear for good luck and made his way back to the ThunderClan camp.


  I started toward the dark forest. It was early in the morning so there was hardly any light out. Vines, leaves, and all kinds of tangled plants were everywhere when I padded inside the trees. It wasn’t a good thing either. I kept stubbing my paws on vines and falling in brambles which stuck to my fur. 

“Ugh why me?” I muttered to myself. 

A thin patch of thorn s were on the left side of me and the right side had more brambles and vines. I decided to take the path with the thorns. I couldn’t handle the sticking brambles that irritated me. The thorns scratched and clawed at me on both sides, digging deep into my fur so it felt like they were going to rip out all of my fur. 

 When I finally made it out of the thorns, i looked around. The scent of prey was stronger here. I put my head up to the air and sniffed. Several scents rushed into my nose and mouth. A shrew and some rabbits. I smiled to myself. They were very close. I glanced around and as I spotted the shrew. It was biting at some fruit and acorns. I went into a hunting crouch, about to pounce on my prey. . .When I hear rustle in the trees.

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