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Her Plan

By @Blackrose

The rain will come

Forty seconds later and she was still stuck. Beads of sweat running down between the mountain that had been formed between her eyebrows as she scrunched her face to focus. “Come on I know this” She tapped silently to the beat that kept on interrupting her as she tried to figure the answer to her question, she knew, she knew it. But that rhythmic song she had been listening to before entering her exams still played in her head.Only minuets left before the invigilator came back around the end of the hall where she sat squatted down in her seat, to announce that the end of the horror franchise of exams was done. This was her last one, she could not fail. It was not in her blood to fail. The invigilator stalked towards them, He long feet tip toed so the heels made no sound of disruption, her beady eyes looked towards her end of them room. The tapping of Knightly Hanson’s pen went faster, her eyes restless not focusing on anything, then once again thinking of how to end her sentence for English “This suggest… Oh come on, I know what I want to say” she whispered over and over. She looked back up to see that the skinny olive tanned skinned woman was ten seconds away from being in front of her desk. Knightly’s head ran away with the wind, as her thoughts would not proceed onto paper. Until the very last minuet “Got it it, this suggest that truth is a -“

“Students time is up please put your pens down” Like a blaze of fire Knightly finished her sentence and put her pen down, blowing out breath that everyone was holding during the A level English exam. I’m done, she thought, happiness exceeded her face. English two hours, History two hours and Drama two hours. All done never to be seen again. She walked out of the hall with her head held high not looking back and feeling great. No doubt, no doubt was in her mind that she did not achieve straight A’s again or maybe this time, she might see a twinkle of a star.


It had been a sunny twenty minuet since she began the walk to her house. She opted out on the bus as the thought of riding in a squared, small, packed cage with smelly and loud people, made her want to unzip her skin, peel of her flesh, so she would be bones. At least then she could have all the breathing space she needed. Her delicate soft brown skin glowed in the suns light, a creamy dark chocolate, her green eyes shone brightly behind her circular, gold rimmed glasses. Frustrated with her braids, Knightly took the hair band from her wrist and aggressively tied her hair back so she could see better. She would have worn her afro out, but the amount of hands that felt possessed to touch her hair was indescribable, like children when they see cotton candy! In the end her hair would have been ruined.

The sun may have shone bright this day, but all she could see was darkness, a black wall In-front of her, lazily scratching its feet across the pavement, trying to get from one side to the other. Although she was a very social person, Knightly, like every other Londoner, hated slow walkers. They backed up traffic and stopped her from extending her feet to get from A and B fast enough. If that was not tiresome, think about tall slow walkers, even if she wanted to curve in front of them , there would be someone that was coming straight towards her, which could lead to a collision and a bigger traffic jam on the pavement! And not to mention the prams that could be in front of this obstacle. There was only one thing she could do… Take the risk. The man in front her was making her hotter than she already was in his all black attire, which made no sense whatsoever. Maybe taking a bus would have been better she thought. No, no way. She would rather be cooked in her own sweat, than being in a sauna, with others, rubbing against each other. As if she did not have enough on her mind already, with her exams done Knightly only had one thing on her mind.

“Excuse me!” Her tone was as sweet as the taste a venom mixed with gin and tonic. Finally, able to see her destination, she marched on to her house.

The sun blazed harsher the longer time ticked. Knightly could hardly feel it, with her yellow tank top and white shorts. Her white trainers left a mark on every square of pavement she stepped on.

The sun scorched the City of London, but darkness still shrouded her exterior. Deep in those green eyes, lay a hole that was slowly filling with the vision of revenge.

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