To destroy the curse you destroy the source. She was the curse and the source.

Chapter 1

 Everyday, she would go on a walk. It was at the same time and the same neighborhood block. Every time she saw someone walk the same road, she walked past them. Sometimes she would spot little children looking at her, her eyes would often confuse or scare them. The crows mostly watched or followed her. When they did, all the crows stayed silent. 

It was a chilly autumn morning. She woke up and stared at the blank white ceiling. A silent sigh escaped her lips when she sat up and saw her mom kneeling down with her hands crossed praying. The Bible next to her mom was old. Sometimes the pages would fall out if you didn’t hold it properly, but even though it was old and falling apart her mother would always put back together. Her mom the most hard-working person she knew. 

She quietly walked out of the room and sat down on the couch. She looked to her left and stared at a family photo of herself, her two older sisters, and her mom. A family that once was beautiful but is now shattered and ugly. If the father would’ve left the mother alone from the start, none of this would have happened. The cursed wouldn’t be born, our minds wouldn’t be twisted. But we are just versions of you, ready to destroy everyone around us and each other. Monsters we are, made of sadness, anger, and rebellion. I know my destiny and that will be to destroy the monster. Alone she let her mind drift into her emotions.

 She got up and walked over to the glass tablet that she used to see her own reflection on it. She thought maybe a small walk will do, after all, she loves taking walks. Once she got outside it felt the same. Empty. After walking half a mile she saw three small children playing with each other. A cold smile crossed her face to see happiness in the faces of the young ones. Once she was near them they all stopped and stared at her. She stopped walking then looked past them with a smile. She smelled a familiar scent of fear. 

“Don’t be afraid little ones.” The oldest one held her young brother and sister close to her and continued to stare.

“How did you know we were scared? We are not allowed to talk to strangers.”

“Let me tell you a story.” The little children were hesitant at first but then sat on the grass just curious to know this story. The oldest one was puzzled, for she has never seen anyone like the stranger in front of her before. She has seen an African American before but, the girl in front of her siblings had very ashy skin, her hands were almost blue, her voice was forced and scratchy as if it was hard for her to speak, and her eyes, it was like she was looking at a dead person, glassy, dilated, gray, and loss of color. Maybe she was born like this.

 “A girl my age decided to go for a long walk like she did almost every day. Before she went for her walk she hydrated herself with water. She walked around the same block many times. She didn’t stop, even when her family worried in the night she still didn’t return. She kept walking, her eyes were wide, and alive, happy to know she won’t hurt anyone after this calming and relaxing walk. Once the moonlight shined upon her, she collapsed. She hit the concrete sidewalk, blood leaked out of her head. No one was there to save her. Once she was found by the police classified her death as an accident.”

“What happened to the people she knew?” The young boy asked.

“Don’t worry about them. They won’t be hurt anymore. As long as she was gone, the Beast will also die.” She smiled as tears rolled down her cheeks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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