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The Bloodbath Update

By @Grallingbo

Move, everyone!

Commander Erwin Smith rolled to the left, just barely evading the boss’s purple attack. He twisted his hold on his sword upward, blocking his front with the blade. “Block!” he ordered, just as the boss’s eyes flashed.

Right before the enemy attacks, their eyes flash. When their eyes flash, that’s a fighter’s chance to parry. But they also had to watch for the floor; purple attacks can’t be parried so players have to keep a close eye on the color of the lines that surrounded the enemy before they attacked.

The majority of the players echoed Erwin’s movements as they rolled off to the side in evasion. The centaur threw his spear forward, hitting no one as it whizzed across the battle arena. Some of the players began to charge forth again, jabbing at the boss’s furry legs. Before he followed his men, Erwin noticed the centaur still had his hand up. It was held in the direction of the spear.

Erwin quickly glanced over towards the wall where the spear got jammed in. The spear was glowing, quivering as if it were being brought out of the bricks.

Get out of the way!” Erwin shouted, his eyes immediately scanning the floor.

The line of attack was there, right underneath more than half of his men’s feet. It was red.

Some of them heard Erwin and managed to dash off to the side. Others were less fortunate as the spear came out of the wall and propelled through the air. It did at least 1000 health points-worth of damage to everyone in the line. The injured players were knocked down as the spear zipped right back into the centaur’s hands.

The centaur then held his spear up high above his head with both hands, exhaling as smoke came out of his nose.

Before Erwin could warn them, the centaur’s eyes flashed and it brought the spear down.

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