Hello Santa!

By @orange_writes
Hello Santa!

Have you ever seen Santa in your life? Witness how a kid found out his Santa. There is a Santa in everyone!!

Chapter 1

On a fine morning with a sweet bliss of happiness and wisdom, mist covered breeze, I whispered

Hello December!!

A morning of December, I ran to coffee shop, there I witnessed an unusual demand for coffee.

So, everything is not perfect for me in December, told myself. Getting a coffee quickly past these crowd is mission impossible. I have two options either wait for my turn to give the order or compromise my mandatory drink. There I saw a cute little boy waiting in the sofa. His parents might be in the queue. So, I thought of giving him company as I don’t have any serious stuffs to do. I went to him and greeted him. “Oh Hello, what are you doing, you seem so busy, is your papa around here?”

With a small voice not looking to my face “Papa is not here, in fact I haven’t seen him, I am waiting for my Mama”

This is not a fine day for sure. Whispered myself. “So, how is holidays? Are you enjoying?”

“Yes, I have Frosty, he is my best friend, but my mama says he will be gone soon and will be back for next holidays, I don’t know why? Some questions mama cannot answer, if my dad were around maybe he wouldn’t let him go”

“Hey kid, Snowman is like Santa, He will visit you once in a year right. Actually, you know what Santa is the one giving you snowman every year for you”

He wondered and replied “Can I tell you a secret? “I said Yes while gesturing closing my mouth.

“Do you know who the real Santa is? Last day Santa visited me and surprised me. Santa did fulfil my wishes. I was so happy. I didn’t want Santa to go and I followed without spooking Santa. It is a big surprise that I got to know who the real Santa is. “

“How did he look? “asked him nicely.

“She is beautiful” I asked “she?”

He pointed his fingers to one of the women in the queue “Mama is Santa, it’s always been my Mama all these years grants wish to everyone. Someday I will be Santa too”

Before replying anything, his mama came and took him over outside. I smiled over her as we had a gaze

“Hello Santa!”.

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