Hello and welcome

By @JulianaSauve
Hello and welcome

This is just a quick poem I wrote trying to explain growing up fast like I did, when things are quickly dropped on you, all the sudden changes that you can see, I might write more about more social events if you liked this, so let me know.

Chapter 1

Hello and welcome to the real world, you’ll start out in a big world where everyone is your friend and the sun shines brightly, the clouds are fluffy and a place that you can escape to just by looking up at the sky, where the sun is a sense of warmth and there is nothing that can get you when it’s rays are keeping you warm, all the grass is green and full of life, every flower is prettier than the next and every single moment is better than the last, learning new things every single day, running, jumping, playing, dancing and being happy no matter what happens. At night although it is dark the moon illuminates the sky and now there are millions of little wonders in the sky to guard you while you rest. The moon, a soft reminder that the sun is on its way and that now you may rest your little head and dream about the wonders that tomorrow will bring. But when you wake up, it’s different. The clouds are deteriorating and you learn, they’re just water. The sun is dim and hiding. Everyone seems to be hidden by their own cloud, you think they’re fluffy but they’re deteriorating. Without the sun, everything is cold and nothing can seem to warm you, your green grass is dying. Running and jumping only makes you tired, the flowers are wilting and shrivelling up. At night you see no stars what so ever, it’s cold and the moon never seems to leave, the sun never seems to come back. You never know if morning will ever come. You now see you’ve had a bad day but tomorrow could be different, tomorrow could be better, but this is growing up, one day at a time, things change and it will never be the same.

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