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HEIST -Story One~

By @NoelaniA

Heist - Story One- (2020)


I looked over at my phone and noticed that a message had popped up. I picked the phone up as I leaned back in my desk chair.

‘We’ll meet you there. Be there on time tonight.’

I didn’t bother texting back, he knew I saw it anyway. I stood up and began to get ready. This was going to be a long night. Most were these days. I tugged up the zipper to my black sweater and put my hood up before I left the hotel room. I put my bags in the trunk and made my way to the driver seat. Starting up the black car, I waited a while before driving off.

I parked down the street and made my way to where everyone was.

“I thought I told you not to be late,” Adrian hissed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were the one in charge here,” I hissed back.

He rolled his eyes. “Let’s just get going.”

I nodded and followed the brown-haired boy, both of us in a crouching position. I saw the other pair that we were working with across from us.

“Two guards in the front, four in the back,” We heard through our earpieces. “Anderson, Lexa, you two take out the guards, but quietly. We don’t need what happened last time to happen again, got it?”  

“Understood,” Lexa mumbled into the small mic that was attached to the earpiece.

“Adrian, Blair, you two work on the cameras—and fast,” after that sentence, all that was on the other end was silence.

“Let’s just get this over with,” I mumbled.

The other duo moved just like he told them to. Within minutes, both guards were down, Lexa and Anderson both held a piece of cloth in their hand.

“I told you GHB would work,” Anderson whispered to Lexa, both me and Adrian overhearing it through the mics.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Lexa rolls her eyes.

Anderson smirks teasingly. “Didn’t know you were such a sore loser, Lex.”

“Watch it, Anderson,” Lexa warned, her arms crossed and her eyes filled with annoyance.

Both Adrian and I moved towards them quietly and quickly.

“Shut up,” I whisper-yelled. “We can’t make a mistake. Not this time.”

They all looked at me then over at Adrian.

“Your girlfriend is mental,” Anderson sing-songs as he leaned against the wall.

“Not my girlfriend,” Adrian muttered.

I slapped the back of Adrian’s head and pulled out my laptop.

“Ow,” he mumbled as he sat next to me and pulled out his.

“Bye-bye cameras,” I muttered to myself as I look up and noticed they stopped moving.

“In and out,” Adrian said. “Just like Blair said, no screwing things up, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Everyone said in unison as they started to get serious.

“Good,” I slipped my laptop back into my backpack and Adrian did the same.

“Awww,” Lexa softly teased. “Cute hacker couple.”

“Quiet,” both Adrian and I both said at the same time.

“The door, Blair,” Anderson motioned to it with his shoulder.

“Right,” I pulled out the mini iPad and plugged a chord into the number pad.

The door opened within a few minutes and we all quietly stepped into the foyer.

I moved my hand up to my earpiece and clicked the little button. “We’re in.”

“Good,” I heard moments later. “The diamonds are in the safe in the basement of the basement.”

“How the…,” Anderson’s brows furrowed, his voice laced with confusion. “How is there a basement of a basement?”

“It’s under the basement,” Lexa said.

“Thanks for the info we already knew, Captain obvious,” Adrian rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“Can you guys just shut up?” I crossed my arms as well and shifted my weight from one side to the other. “Lexa, Anderson, you guys go outside, take out the four guards, see if there’s somewhere outside that leads down. Adrian, we’re gonna find the basement door and see if it leads to the second basement.”

We parted in pairs and soon enough, both Adrian and I are faced with an open door with stairs leading down.

“Ladies first,” Adrian looked over at me.

“Then why aren’t you going down?” I looked at him and tilted my head.

“Haha, very funny,” Adrian rolled his eyes and walked down the steps.

“So you are a girl?” I raised one of my eyebrows followed by a small and quiet laugh.

He looked back at me. “Oh, just hurry up.” 

I quietly shut the door behind me and we made our way down the stairs. I pulled out two mini flashlights and handed one to Adrian before I turned mine on.

“It’s not going to be noticeable,” Adrian mumbled to me. “It’s gonna look like a hatch or-.”

I flashed my light around the room and stopped when I saw what looked like a little door. 

“That it?” 

“Yeah,” he walked over to it, me trailing behind him. 

I looked at the door and back at Adrian. “You go get Lexa and Anderson, I got this.”

“You sure?” Adrian flashed his light at me so he could see more clearly.

“Yeah, of course,” I reassured him since he seemed uneasy about leaving me alone.

He nodded after a while and headed back upstairs to find the two others. Meanwhile, I opened the hatch and shined my light down the ladder.

“Oh, this should be fun,” I mumbled to myself.

I held the flashlight in my mouth and started to head down the ladder. When I was about halfway down, the hatch shut and the only light source I had was from my flashlight.

I hurried back up the ladder and grabbed the flashlight out of my mouth. I started to bang on the hatch with one hand while I held onto the ladder with the other. I felt a number of emotions well up inside me, the main one being fear. Not for me, but for the others. Did they get caught? Are they safe?

I took a deep breath and realized the door isn’t opening any time soon. I put the flashlight back in my mouth and headed down the ladder once again.

I reached the bottom and removed the flashlight from my mouth, shining it around the room. I soon realized it was a hallway and at the very end was a door. I also took note of the camera by the door. Even though we took out the cameras above ground, this floor isn’t technically supposed to be here, so they had to have installed it themselves. Which means it probably runs on a different system, especially if the owner wanted to keep it under the wraps.

I pulled my black mask up, covering the bottom half of my face as I made my way down the hallway. Since the owner had installed the camera’s themself, it’s most likely not done correctly, which will be easier on me.

As soon as I reached the door, I shut off the flashlight and grabbed the mini iPad out of my backpack again. Minutes passed and I pushed open the door.

‘Whoa.’ I thought as I looked at everything the room held.

I heard what sounded like people walking and quickly hid, ready to fight if I had to.

“Blair, you down here?” I heard someone whisper. 

I stepped out of the shadows. “Here.”

“Glad to see your alright,’ Adrian wrapped his arm around my shoulders. “This it?”

“More than what we came for, actually,” I replied.

“Our signals get jammed down here, we can’t talk to the boss,” Lexa walked around the room, Anderson doing the same.

Adrian let out a deep breath. “Let’s get what we came for and get out of here.”

We all agreed and hurried to get what we came for along with some other stuff. We were all heading back up the ladder into the basement and I was last up.

Just as we were about to exit the house loud sirens sounded from outside. ‘Cops.’ I thought.

My hand flew up to my earpiece and pressed the small button. “Daniel, how do we get out of here?”

“Get to the roof,” he replied quickly.

“How?” Panic laced my voice as we heard the car tires screech and stop in front of the house.

“Take the stairs and go left,” Daniel said and we did as he said. “There should be another flight of stairs halfway through the hallway, go, now.”

We all took off down the hallway, our feet carried us up the stairs as we heard the front door being kicked in.

“Open the door and hide, understand me?” Daniel said over the mic.

“Understood, sir,” Adrian replied as we pushed open the door.

We heard the police officers as they chased us and quickly hid. I felt Adrian grab my arm and pull me into him, covering my mouth as well. I glared at him and he glared back.

“You sure they came up here?” We heard a female voice.

We heard a male voice next. “Yeah, pretty **** sure.”

“Well, they’re not here,” the female replied, stating what to them was obvious.

“Let’s check the room downstairs,” the male said.

“Alright guys,” we heard through our earpieces. “Face the back of the building and get ready to jump.”

“Excuse me?” I whispered into the mic.

“Just do as I say for once, Blair,” Daniel said, annoyed. “Alright. Ten seconds.”

Both Adrian and I faced the back of the building.

“Nine… eight… seven… six… five…,” Daniel started counting down and that’s when I saw it.

“Four,” Adrian mumbled.

We heard Lexa. “Three.”

“I really hate this job,” Anderson spoke.

“Now,” Daniel ordered.

We ran, the cops noticed by now and had their guns out, shooting at us and the helicopter. All four of us make a run for it and jump.

I barely grabbed onto the landing skids and the helicopter flew up and away from the house. I felt a burning sensation in my left leg. Adrian held his hand out to me and I grabbed onto it. He pulled me up and I looked at my leg.

“Med-kit,” Adrian held his hand out, waiting.

Anderson handed him the med-kit and Adrian opened it, grabbing the gauze and a few other things. 

He bandaged me up and sat next to me. “All good?”

“Hurts like hell, but I’ll live,” I smiled at him.

He kissed my forehead before he wrapped an arm around my shoulders. I leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

‘Such a memorable last job.’

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