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Heart in a Flask

By @SunflowerClock

And I Will,

She could blame it on the wind

On the storm that passed

On the tree that fell, down down down

On the traffic that lingered on shiny roads, clogged

That caused her lover to pass away

She could blame on her blindness

On being hard of hearing

On the feelings that left her, far far, and lost

On the words that couldn’t leave her lips

That caused her love to walk out their house

She could blame it on her defiance

Pure and white, spotless little lily

On the stubborn plains on grass blades so sharp,

her own hurtful words, and greed

That caused them both to argue

But she could not blame him,

for the tree that fell

or the traffic that made him stuck in front of it on the road

or her own stubbornness that made him leave in the first place

or what made him leave to begin with

She could blame.. but only herself

And that is her truth

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  1. Sarahisdaname

    Jun 6, 2021

    Helloo Lillian/SunflowerClock ! I’m doing another writing competition if you were interested! awesome job last time!

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    0 Replies Jun 6, 2021
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