Heart Beat

By @suyasha

Heart Beat

By @suyasha

This was the first chapter of this story. Will be writing more. I kept the first chapter short because I wanted to see people's response. This is my 2nd article/story. Hope you enjoyed it!

Chapter 1

From the Grave

Mary knew her sister was dead. She was sure of the fact that he was present at her funeral. But since a week, she was feeling her presence.

“Thank you, Ms. Day for your support. Yes, Mary will be joining school from next week” said Mary’s mother Laura as she hung up the phone.

Mary and Jane would never be seen without each other, always together. While Laura used to be busy at work, the sisters would spend their days dozing of in the gardens, attending their classes and then by 7, they were back home.

Then came the winters. The cold dry winds blew through the town, and the streets used to remain deserted. Winters were never lonely with Jane. They would spend their time sipping on tea by the fireplace. The sister were really close, anyone could tell.

Then came the accident, which tore apart Mary’s life. The day was going all fine, until Laura received a call from the school..

“Miss Shaw, we would request you to immediately come to school. Your daughter is seriously injured.”

Laura’s heart almost stopped as she ran to the school, leaving all her work. But she was late. Her daughter was laid in front of her, not blinking. Her eyes were still like glass. Her lovely red face had gone pale. Her heard someone sobbing besides, only to find Mary, at her sister’s feet. It looked like time had stopped. Laura knew she could bear the terrible loss, but Mary was all alone. She started spending her days by the window, counting the leaves on the nearby tree.

Mary knew her sister was dead. But her lovely face was stuck in her mind:- her big, round eyes and pink cheeks. Her hair were really frizzy, something on which the sisters laughed all day long. She usually wore pastel dresses, and all her dresses were preserved by Mary. Every now and then, she expected her to come running over to her to pull her hair. But, she couldn’t.

“Hey, don’t turn off the lights. It gets whispery. I feel cold, like someone is eyeing me.” she pleaded to her mother, who agreed. Mary lay quiet in her own world, and stared at the sounds outside. Is she really here? No, I’m going crazy. She is dead. But no, Mary couldn’t resist. “Jane?”, she whispered and Jane smiled back at her.

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