healer Deku AU (BakuDeku)

By @victoriatheweeb14
healer Deku AU (BakuDeku)

Two child hood friends, villains, heroes in training, and a cute boy. I'd love to see how this ends.

Inspired by:

Chapter 1

the begining

*It is seven a.m when Deku’s alarm rings*

Dekus POV:Ugh why does school even exist. Well I guess I should get ready for school/work.

*After getting ready Deku goes to wake his dads,brother,and sister up*

*in the kitchen*

Eri: Good morning zuzu.

Deku: Good morning Eri how was your sleep?

Eri: I slept well brother.

*Shinsou walks in*

Shinsou: Good morning Izuku.

Deku: Good morning brother did you get enough sleep?

Shinsou: Mhm.

*Mic and Aizawa walk in*

Mic and Aizawa: Good morning kids

Deku,Eri,and Shinsou: Good morning dad and papa.

Mic and Aizawa: Is everyone ready for school and or work?

Deku,Eri,and Shinsou: Yep.

Aizawa (dad): Shinsou and Izuku you will both be in my class. And Izuku you are this schools healer guy due to your quirk so you will work with Recovery girl.

Deku and shinsou: Ok dad.

*After dropping Eri off at school they all go where they are supposed to go*

Aizawa: Ok class SHUT THE HELL UP we have two new students who also happen to be my kids so RESPECT them. Ok kids you can come in.

*Shinsou and Deku walk in*

Aizawa: Introduce yourselves.

Shinsou: Hello my name is Shinsou Aizawa. I’m 15 years old. That’s all.

Bakugou’s POV: Tch **** extra. his brother seems familiar though.

Deku: Hello my names Izuku Aizawa it used to be Midoriya but dad Aizawa adopted me. Oh and im 15 years old. thats all.

Bakugou: D-Deku?

Deku: k-kacchan?

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