Headstrong and Hopeful

By @Payton_8377

Headstrong and Hopeful

By @Payton_8377

Chapter 1

Poem Background

I am headstrong and hopeful

I wonder what is wrong with the world

I hear guns

I see violence

I want peace

I am headstrong and hopeful


I pretend everything is alright with the world

I feel the ache of loved ones gone too soon

I touch the wounds of others

I worry that this will never end

I cry for the state of our earth

I am headstrong and hopeful

I understand this life is not fair

I say be the change you wish to see

I dream that one day the violence will end

I try to change the world

I hope the world will soon see peace

I am headstrong and hopeful


This poem was inspired by all the violence that has been going on in theworld lately. Violence against African Americans, in schools and throughout the Middle East have been making headlines lately and it feels like our world is falling apart. This poem was written in March of 2018, shortly after the 18th school shooting of that year. As of May 2018, there was 22 school shootings. But the gun violence doesn’t stop there, there have been African Americans shot and killed by police this year and there are many other incidents that happen around the world each day. My heart breaks daily for those who have had to deal with the effects of gun violence, and for all those who will continue to do so. “I am headstrongand hopeful” are words that are repeated throughout the poem. Every day I wake up hopeful thatthe world will change but I look outside and see hate and violence. I am hopeful that the world will change but I knoe that it won’t change by itself. I wake up every day with a purpose to change the world. Although I may not change the world entirely, I can cast a ripple across many waters for the future. Every day, I wake up and choose kind, because love can change the world but hate and violence will drive it to destruction.

“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” -Ghandi

“Violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral endingin destruction for all.” -Martin Luther King Jr

“Let us not use bombs and guns to overcome the world. Let us use love and compassion.” -Mother Teresa

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