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By @olive1003

The beginning

I started reading a book, it was a weird, odd, horrifying book. I realized then and there that that book was my life. It was my past, present, and future. I got creeped out. How does someone know my future, am I being stalked? Predicting the future is impossible but yet here it is. I read the ending and it stated “the poor boy, abused right once he was born and never noticed it. His life was full of misery.” I was being abused? I kept reading, “little did he know, he would die by poisoning from his parents.” I guess that is one way to go, I wonder what age I will be once I died. I looked back at the words and noticed they changed. “The poor man, abused right once he was born and realized too late.” Wait… Too late? I looked at my cup of tea. I started choking and my eyes started to bleed. I couldn’t make a sound because of the pain in my lungs and throat. I heard a knock at the door, it was my maid, Sara. Sara screamed, she was always afraid of blood. “Sorry.” Sara cried “I didn’t want to do it… Yet I did…I didn’t want to die…” So it was me or you kind of deal. “Sa- I for- yo-” I smiled leaning on the desk in the library. Sara cried more and more, once my eyes closed Sara screamed “help! The Sir!” I saw my family run towards the screaming. The last words that I heard were from my sister, Amelia Levay “finally, I have the inheritance.” Who knew, the book knew how I died, who wrote it? I wonder.

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