Haunted Monkey

By @AlbertCastroMunoz5

Haunted Monkey

By @AlbertCastroMunoz5

It's a story about a hunted monkey.

Chapter 1

The closet

One day there was a family of 6, they just moved into a new house in the middle of nowhere. When they got to their new house they thought it was very beautiful and there was nobody around so they thought that they finally had their peace and quiet. The youngest sibling was very happy because the house was big enough for everyone to get their own room. So the little boy ran into the house went upstairs and he picked the very first room he saw. When the family started unpacking the little boy went downstairs to get all his stuff so he could take it to his room. Once he got everything in his room he started to unpack and set everything up. As he opened the closet to hang his shirts he saw that there was a toy monkey in the back corner of the closet when he took it out he began to admire how cool it was and decided it was his new favorite toy.

As a period of time goes by the family really liked the house, the little boy never told anyone about the toy that he had found in the closet. One midnight everybody was asleep, there was a big bang on the front door, It had woke everybody up as they all woke up and opened their doors and glanced at each other then followed their dad down the stairs. The kids had followed him because they were curious. As he opened the front door there was nobody. He turned to the kids as he was closing the door. He told them all to go back to sleep and he would stay down stairs just in case it happens again. As the little boy went upstairs he grabbed his toy monkey off of the chair in his room but he had remembered that he lad left it on his bed before he walked out the room after the big bang. So the little boy was confused he didn’t know how it got there or what to do so he decided to just lay in bed and fall asleep, He laid in his bed and covered himself up with his blanket and fell asleep. The next morning when the little boy woke up he went downstairs to the kitchen with his monkey he set the monkey down on the kitchen table. He walked to the refrigerator, as he opened it up he grabbed the milk and then he walked over to grab a chair out of the dining room so he could stand on top of to grab the cereal on top of the refrigerator, as he got a chair he noticed that his monkey wasn’t on the table where he had left him. The little boy was looking everywhere for his monkey but just couldn’t find him

“ That’s weird… I know I put the monkey on top of the table.”, the little boy thought to himself as he stood on the chair to grab the cereal.

He was making a loud disruptive noise that woke everybody up as he was looking for his monkey, when his mom and dad got out of bed to go check what that noise was they asked “ What was that noise?”

“I’m sorry I woke ya’ll I didn’t mean to it’s just that I can’t find my toy monkey.” The little boy responded sadly.

“What toy monkey?” the dad asked.

“ when we first moved in I had found a toy monkey in the closet in my room and I kept it.” the little boy responded.

“ Its alright we’ll look for him later ok son.” the dad said.

As the day went by the little boy was looking for his monkey for that longest time he still couldn’t find him. By the time he knew it was already his bedtime.

“It’s time for bed.” the little boy’s mom said.

“But I can’t go to sleep without my monkey I went to sleep with him every night we were here.” the boy said.

“Well we’ll look again tomorrow ok.” the dad said.

“You promise dad.”

Yes son I do.”

The next morning when the boy woke up he noticed that the monkey was on the chair im his room.

“But how is the monkey on the chair dad was just sitting there last night talking to me and it wasn’t there.” the bot said to himself.

“ Dad dad dad!!! “ the boy yelled as he was running straight to his parents room.

“Dad the monkey is in my room on the chair!.” as he jumped in the bed with his parents.

“ What are you talking about son? “

“ I woke up this morning and the monkey was on the chair in my room. I don’t know how but it was.”

“ Stop playing with me son just let me go back to sleep now it’s to early for this.”

“ No dad i’m not playing it’s really on the chair in my room come see for yourself.”

“ Okay son but if nothing is there then i’m going to be really angry.”

So after the dad hopped out of bed and put on his slippers he walked down the hallway in to his sons room.

“ Look dad I told you he was on the chair” as the little boy pointed to the chair.

“ you better not be playing no tricks son, if I find out your playing tricks on me your going to be in some big trouble.”

“ I not dad i’m telling the truth.”

“ Ummm alright well just leave it there don’t touch it ok.”

“ Alright.”

Later that day around noon the whole family was watching a movie in the livingroom the out of nowhere “bang bang bang”

“ What was that.” the dad said

“ I don’t know but it sounded like it was coming from the front door.” the little boy responded.

As the dad was walking to the door he told the kids to stay in the living room just in case it was someone trying to break inside the house. As the dad opened the door he saw….

To Be Continued…

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