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Adaptation of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: the Centaur and the Sneak

By @Abby

“Expecto Patronum! Expecto Patronum!” I screeched as a wisp of a silvery substance spewed from my wand, but simply glided to the floor and vanished. I sighed heavily. I glanced around the Room of Requirement, noticing the other members of Dumbledore’s Army yelping the same words repeatedly, as animals easily erupted from their wands. Luna’s hare hopped around her feet and Hermione’s otter was flying as though the air was water. Ron’s terrier was bounding by everyone’s legs, tripping Neville several times. Ginny’s mare trotted proudly around her.

We had been anxiously begging Harry Potter to teach us Patronus Charms since Dumbledore’s Army began, and today he finally told us that we are ready. He informed us of simple instructions, then we spread out excitedly and tried to follow them. The room shone in a cheerful glow as we overtook the giant rectangular hall and repeated the same words over and over. Everyone beamed with laughter. It was like taking fifty small children to a candy store. “Expecto Patronum, Expecto Patronum!” they bellowed. Soon, everyone had their Patronus. The room became a zoo, full of an animal assortment. But one animal was missing. My Patronus was non-existent. Frustration bubbled up inside me. Why wasn’t it working for me?


“Think of a memory, the happiest one you can think of. Let it fill you up. Keep trying, Abby!” Harry encouraged.


 I closed my eyes and scanned my brain for a memory. Anything. Then it struck me like lightning piercing a still sky. No happiness could ever compare to the joy that I felt walking into Hogwarts for the first time. I remembered being herded onto the boats with the other first years and sailing on the crystal black lake. I recalled the wonder of peering up and beholding the castle, its windows adorned with light. Meandering up the staircases to the Great Hall and being led by Professor McGonagall to the Sorting Hat came to mind next. Oh, how splendid was the Great Hall! Nothing compared to watching the doors open to a glittering fairyland, floating candles up above, with a ceiling that looked like an endless blue sky. I shall never forget the sickening, yet glorious, feeling of my stomach dropping to the floor when I was the first to be called by Professor McGonagall to be sorted. After that, the beautiful feeling of flying on sheer joy swept over me when the Hat declared, “Ravenclaw!”


 Thanks to my memories, my vision blurred with tears of joy. The same elation that I felt then washed over me now and out of my depths, I screamed, “Expecto Patronum!” A white, luminous substance erupted from my wand and swirled up into the air, as an animal formed. Its eyes sparkled like diamonds and its wings were the color of pearls. It was an eagle! The other students cheered jubilantly as the eagle glided around the room. He swooped down and pecked Neville on the head, then came to rest on my shoulder. The D.A.’s cheers were deafening. I laughed and cried as my eagle leapt into the air, then disappeared. Joy crept up my spine, and the vision of my eagle was printed on my eyelids. I shall always remember the wonder that I felt in that moment, the moment I met my Patronus.

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