Trial and Error

By @Scr1bble_D0t

Trial and Error

By @Scr1bble_D0t

Noah Jones and his colorful group of geeks try to finish their senior year of high school off with a BANG, this means causing as much trouble and awkward situations as humanly possible. Noah realizes that maybe its time to be more honest with himself as he struggle to find who that really is.

Chapter 1

The Tickets

The day was coming to an end as I sat there glaring at the clock that lived right above the door, my head slowly bobbed up and down like a boat on water. I can see the pale room fading to black as I occasionally caught glimpses of Mr. Acres long wooden stick smacking the white board as he would usually do when teaching a lesson. I though about the soft feeling of my pillow on my face as I sunk into my arms and dozed off like a baby right in class. The next thing I felt on my face was the cold stick that Mr. Acres slapped me with

“wake up Mr. Jones” said the middle aged man

At the moment all I could muster was a cocktail of words which sounded like I was either begging for my life or begging for my death, when I finally realized the situation I was in my heart sank

“Oh shi-, hey Mr. Acres I was just closely examining my text book for any details I may have missed, I can’t fail another bi-weekly after all”

“Huh, examining is a weird word to use, but please refrain from what you kids call “making out” on your text book?”

“Mr. Acres, I was not-“

The man shot me an eye that told me that if I said another word I would be sleeping in more than detention

“Ah, yes Mr. Acres”

I slam my head into the desk as the somewhat tall man made his way back to his desk. In a matter of seconds the bell screamed and so did my peers as they stormed out of the room as tired and bored as I was.

Life outside the classroom was different though. Although class was a bore, upon exiting the school I see kids all shapes and sized grinning with ear pods, headphones, and speaker out, and then there was me, the skinny-fat, curly dark haired boy with converses, bleached ripped jeans, and a crimson button-up. I walk down the crowded hallway that smelt of bubble-gum and sweat, picking up and talking to my friends along the way. The first person to approach me was my best fried Mark Dune; Mark is a pretty tall guy with slightly tanned skin, he would always wear his iconic unbuttoned button-up with jeans and vans and honestly might be the coolest nerd I know.

“Heya Mark, whats up” I say with a varying tone

“Nothing too exciting, except me getting us along with Jay and Kate exclusive tickets to see Hidden Forest preform live” the tall boy says while unraveling the four tickets he held in his hands

Hidden Forest was a new band that Kate recently introduced us to that typically sung acoustic based songs about growing up, y’know, like the edgy stuff most teen movies say we liked; obviously I was excited

“Dude, how? These tickets get sold out in the matter of seconds”

Mark slid the pieces of paper across my mouth “Shh, I have my ways, shady, shady, highly illegal ways”

Mark was a smooth dude and I can honestly trust him with my life I feel drawn to him at anytime of the day and could care less how or where he got those tickets, so I kept quiet, but heaven knows that with the red shinning through my face everyone knew I was excited for something.

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