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Happy to Sad



A girl named Lisa was living a normal life in a normal place. She was not that rich, but she was having a good life, loving parents, caring brother. Everything was good in her life, but still, she was lonely as she wanted a partner. She would always think that if she would have a partner her life would be complete. She would always try to find someone whom she can love. But she was unable to find anyone. Some boys tried to approach her but she was not interested as she wanted someone special, the man of her dreams. But in real life, it is not possible she also knows that. So she started to talk to many people thinking someone would be her partner in her friend group only.

One day a boy named Shin messaged her, he was her old school friend. She was happy to talk to an old friend. They would talk for hours, from night to morning. Shin had proposed to her in the past, but she had rejected him. But now she was really happy to talk to him. They had the same vibe she was loving it. After talking for weeks he proposed to her again but she rejected him. She told him to wait for some time as she wanted to know him better. He agreed with that. They were friends, who talked for hours about literally everything.

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