By @ain_treal

Chapter 1


I am about to close the window on my room when my mom knocks out the door. I sigh.

“Don’t you want to do anything?” – She didn’t bother to open the door.

“Nah!” – I reply as I finally close the curtains.

She didn’t reply and I heard sounds of footsteps slowly fading.

“Guess I’m having a nonsense life” – I uttered as I look myself on the mirror.

I pity myself.

I should be happy, I should do stuffs that will make me happy.

People say happy is a decision.

When will I decide to be happy again?

I can’t!

I choose to be locked on the room with full of memories from the past. I can’t leave it. I’m drowned by the memories that I don’t want to let go, and it makes me crazy.

I don’t know what to do. Help me!

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