Hallelujah :The lesser spoken verses

By @MeaningfulMee
Hallelujah :The lesser spoken verses

This is biased af and I want to confirm that I feel there is nothing wrong with religion or being religious as long as it's not forced down throats. This is what this is about religion being force feed, not religion it's self.

Chapter 1

Hallelujah: The lesser spoken verses

It goes like this,

the forth,

the firth,

Jump off the bridge.

The church does not support those kids.

The baffled parents questions,

answered with that.



her faith was strong but her dad was more.

He look upon her insta page.

Her mantle place and rainbow flag.

Threw him over.

He tied her to the kitchen chair.

He broke her pride and cut her hair.

And from his lips he drew the


Well a baby,

she was just one herself.

Using her maiden name.

The priest has seen this all before,

makes him question it once more.

She’s seen the light.

He cries a tear,

closes her eyes.

Walking down the corridor.

It’s a cold and broken,


Well maybe there’s a god above.

But she just doesn’t care.

Not anymore.

When the shot she heard,

hit her little girl.

That police man,

came back.

Without a fight.

Her daughter scream she hears it every night.

No longer believes in a brighter light.

It’s a empty, hollow,




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